Bridal Sashes Review


 I’m so excited I just received this product for an honest review from

My sister-in-law is finally getting married in March!!!

Of course, we had to have a bachelorette party for her. I invited the bridal party to my house before we headed out for the day. When everyone arrived, I surprised them with these awesome sashes you can find on Amazon. They all fell in love with the design, I love the bride tribe theme, hearts and arrows, I knew they would too!

These sashes fit perfect, they are made of a satin material that is sown at the end. This package came with some awesome gold tattoos for the bride and bride tribe.

We all put on our sashes, applied our tattoos and headed out to start our day of fun!! As we were out and about we received so many compliments on both our sashes and tattoos.


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