Six Work-From-Home Upgrades That Will Supercharge Your Productivity

Working from home can be a little difficult at first, especially if you’ve never tried it in the past. It can feel strange working on your home turf, and it can lead to lazy habits being developed. For example, you might start working in your pajamas, in bed, or even on the kitchen counter. But these things can be a detriment to your productivity if you’re not careful!

So here are six work-from-home upgrades that will supercharge your productivity and greatly improve your work ability.

1. Upgrade your computer

Computer upgrades can be extremely important for certain workloads. For instance, if you regularly use a lot of processing power for things like 3D models or video editing, then a more powerful computer means less waiting around, fewer crashes that lead to lost work, and a more efficient workflow.

2. Get a separate office

Still, working on the dining table or a kitchen countertop on your laptop? It’s time for an upgrade. Getting your study or a backyard office means you can surround yourself with work-related items. This makes it easier to get into the mood for working and it also helps to remove distractions that could slow you down.

3. Remove distractions

Anything from a random box of donuts to a poster of your favorite movie can be a distraction. Even if you don’t have your own study or office space, you can still do what you can to remove any kind of distraction.

The more non-work-related things you have around you, the easier it can be to drift off and lose your train of thought.

4. Add another monitor

If you’re currently not using a dual monitor setup, then it’s well worth the investment to get more screens. More monitors means you can track more information, at the same time.

A good example of this is having Slack, Microsoft Teams, or other communication software always visible on a side monitor. Another way to use this is to have references on one monitor while you’re writing documents on another.

In short, more monitors means less tabbing around windows and more time working.

5. Get a pair of noise-canceling headphones

Active noise canceling (ANC) means that outside noises around you will be reduced to a minimum.. This is exceptionally useful if you work in a busy household or live near a busy road that constantly experiences vehicle traffic. ANC headphones will cut out those noises, meaning you have more focus to spend on your work-related tasks.

6. Invest in ergonomic work furniture

You must pay attention to your health when working from home. It’s easy to forget to take breaks by walking around, and you might occasionally slouch over and eventually injure your back due to bad posture.

Spend a bit more money on ergonomic furniture such as a standing desk, a good-quality chair that can support your posture, or even monitor arms to ensure you’re never straining your neck to look at your screen