Things Nobody Talks About After Having A Baby

So, you’ve got a new bundle of joy (or a tiny, unpredictable human, that now rules the house) at home, and while everyone’s busy cooing over baby pics and sending adorable onesies, there are a few postpartum truths that tend to stay under wraps. Let’s dive into the less talked about, but totally normal/common, aspects of life after a baby.

You Feel ALL the Emotions

Imagine riding the world’s wildest mechanical bull, blindfolded, and that pretty much sums up the post-baby emotional landscape. One minute you’re in a puddle of tears because the baby smiled, and the next, you’re feeling a tad weepy because you can’t find a matching sock. It’s like PMS on steroids. The secret to making it through this time? Lean into that support system – whether it’s your partner, friends, or a professional who gets it. It’s the village versus the hormone monsoon, and trust us, the village needs to bring its A-game.

Your Body STILL Aches

Remember when you could leap out of bed like a gazelle? Well, those days are on a temporary break. Now, it feels like you’ve run a marathon (in heels, no less) after merely getting up from the couch. Welcome to the world of postpartum aches and pains. But here’s the thing—chiropractic care isn’t just for those who overdo it at the gym. It’s like a secret weapon for new moms dealing with all sorts of body weirdness. A few gentle adjustments might just make you feel like your old self again. Although many may tell you that these things are normal; they are not, but they are common. So don’t suffer in silence because you were told it was normal; if you don’t feel good in your body, get help.  

Fly Away Hairs Are EVERYWHERE

Just when you thought you had your hair game on lock, postpartum life throws you a curveball in the form of baby hairs. Everywhere. These little rebels defy gravity and any hair product you dare to throw at them. But hey, look on the bright side: it’s new hair growth, signaling a fresh start. Or, at the very least, an opportunity to invest in some chic headbands and beanies.

Losing The Baby Weight Can Take TIME

Here’s a hot take: the whole “snap back” culture can take a hike. Losing baby weight is a journey, not a sprint. For some, it’s a leisurely stroll; for others, it’s more like a hike through the wilderness without a map in the middle of a storm. The point is, there’s no timeline, and those celebrity post-baby body reveals in magazines aren’t the standard. They have personal trainers, chefs, and, let’s be real, Photoshop. Your focus? Be kind to yourself. Nourish your body, move in ways that feel good, and remember, you’ve just done something pretty darn miraculous. So, if it takes a little longer to fit into those pre-pregnancy jeans, who cares? You’ve earned the right to buy yourself some new ones that fit your current body!

In concluding this honest-to-goodness guide to postpartum life, let’s remember that while the baby’s arrival marks a period of huge change, it’s also filled with moments of joy, laughter, and yes, a fair share of “what the heck?” experiences. By opening up about these less talked about aspects, we’re not just sharing stories; we’re building a community that says, “Hey, you’re doing great, and that baby is lucky to have you.”