How to be a Great Neighbor

When you move to a new location, one of the most important things you can do, is be a great neighbor. 


While not everyone will always get along, when you have great neighbors, you know you have someone to rely on should you need it. A sense of community isn’t always easy to achieve; however, manufactured home communities might be just the ticket! 


So how can you be the best neighbor possible? 

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Say Hi!

One of the most important things you can do is to say hello. Introducing yourself means the people who live next door to you will make them feel at ease. Once that ice is broken, it is easier to start communicating when you see each other. 


An excellent way to introduce yourself is to bring around some cookies or muffins. It’s a straightforward idea that can make a lot of difference. 


Keep in mind that some people aren’t overly social, and while they may appreciate you saying hi, they might not want to come over for coffee or dinner. 


This simple act will set you onto neutral territory, making forming a positive neighborly relationship possible. 



While there is a lot to be said for people just being friendly to each other, there is more to it than that. A vested interest in your local community and taking responsibility for what happens within your street is a must. 


It shows that you care about the area and are willing to do what it takes to keep the site clean and orderly. 


The local community extends further than just your street too. Neighbor networks can provide an enormous sense of community and encourage people to work together. 


Be ready to participate in what matters in the area, and don’t be afraid to stand up for your beliefs for the area. After all – you live there! 


If you are moving to an area there are a lot of young families; you can likely expect plenty of noise from children playing at the weekends and school holidays. But more likely, you will hear children twice a day every day. 


If you have moved to an older area, you might find the noise a little less. The residents might be used to enjoying a more quiet environment. So it is essential to consider this before you move. 


A little noise in most cases will be tolerated just fine, but be mindful of when you are playing music, doing DIY, or other noisy activities. 


If you have work done on the home or DIY, then be sure to let your neighbor know in advance. 


When you buy a house, the intention is often to live there for an extended period of time. Over that time, it is beneficial if you can build a small network of neighbors that you get along well with, and if you do need something (or they do), you have each other’s best interests at heart. 

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Providing Assistance for Aging Parents

Sadly, as we get older, our bodies aren’t in the same condition as they once were. Time and aging can take their toll on our bodies, and in time it may become apparent that you need extra assistance.


As people live longer, well into their 80s and 90s, it is becoming increasingly popular to provide extra support to people as they live through their golden years.


If you have parents who are feeling the effects of aging but want to regain their independence, there are many ways you can support them to allow them to live a whole and happy life.

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Assess Their Needs

Firstly you need to assess what exactly they need help with and where. It could be they need extra support when out and about or managing stairs and different levels within their home. Or it could be physical health they need help with, such as managing health concerns or conditions.


Look at what they are realistically able to do themselves and what changes or adaptations they will need to live their lives the way they want to.


What Help Can You Offer

Next, you need to be realistic about the help and support you can personally offer. If you can help them with most of their needs, you can limit the amount of external help you require for their care.


However, if you live across the country and cannot visit frequently, you need to look at other options, such as in-home care from Trilogy Care to provide the extra support and assistance required.


Be Honest

It is incredibly important that your parents, as much as possible, are included in the decisions about their care. Even if you feel they will be hesitant or resist any provisions you put in place. Of course, in the event of deteriorating mental capacity, you will need to gain legal powers to take over their care and decisions affecting them. Still, if this isn’t required, you need to make sure you are open about how you feel and why you think they need care if it comes to an amicable agreement.


Discuss Finances

The care and support you can provide will largely depend on the finances available. You need to be confident you can afford adjustments being put in place and know the implications of contracts you sign for this care.


Ascertaining your parents or your own financial situation can help you identify if you will qualify for assistance from Government programs or Medicaid.


Address Safety Issues

Safety issues can arise because the home they live in is in a poor state of repair due to not being physically or financially able to make the repairs. It can be that their physical limitations are preventing them from navigating their home safely. Or they do not have the room to accommodate any health needs or support, such as being unable to leave home due to difficulty with external stairs.


Make plans to amend anything you are able to and look for resolutions to other problems you can, such as installing ramps to allow for easier access instead of stairs.

Ways I save money daily to have no bills!

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I would love to hear how you save money!

5 Reasons Why Your Home Has Lost Its Winning Vibes

Credit – Pixabay CC0 

A happy home environment is essential for all families. After all, you spend more time on this property than any other. Unfortunately, the homely vibes can fade over time. If this has happened to you, it’s vital that you look to restore the winning atmospheres ASAP.

Before you can do this, though, you must first identify the reason for your problems. Here are five of the most common issues that could be at play.

The first impressions have been harmed

We can all appreciate the value of a great first impression in all aspects of life. Your relationship with the home isn’t any different. The feelings you have for the property flood your mind as soon as it comes into view. As such, it’s important to restore curb appeal. Otherwise, you will continue to feel a sense of resentment each time you return home after a day out. In addition to making the home’s exterior look more attractive, it’s a wise idea to consider security. Overcoming the fears of potential break-ins will seriously alter your mindset for the better.

You’ve not adapted to changing family needs

As the family grows in size and/or numbers, you must adapt. Otherwise, the home may no longer feel fit for purpose. It could mean completing an extension or attic conversion. Or you may just need to use the current space in a more efficient manner. Either way, experts at Foryourlittleone can provide the perfect products to brighten up the child’s bedroom. However, you must not end the process there. It will be equally important to childproof other rooms by covering plug sockets and sharp corners. A safe home is a happy home.

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The carbon footprint is too high

Interior design trends aren’t the only thing that has evolved at a rapid rate. Green technologies have become increasingly accessible too. Likewise, the social understanding of the negative impacts caused over the decades has grown. Some of the most telling upgrades include LED lights, water-saving appliances, and low-flush toilets. The addition of a Smart thermostat can be very effective too. When your carbon footprint is reduced, you will notice a change in your mindset as well as the family finances. Persisting with outdated features is simply not an option.

You’ve grown tired of the same surroundings

We have spent more time indoors than ever over the past two years due to the pandemic. Therefore, it is not uncommon for homeowners to simply become tired of looking at the same four walls. Changing the wallpaper, for example, can make a world of difference. Or you can add family art by printing your photos at Photobox. Adding a fresh slice of personality to the home surroundings will soon make it feel like yours once more. In turn, this can go a long way to rebuilding the positive relationship you have with it.

The maintenance is too high

Creating a positive home environment is one thing, but it counts for very little if you cannot maintain it. The home is meant to be enjoyed. Sadly, this becomes a lot harder when you are constantly completing housework. With this in mind, you will want to think about the addition of robotic vacuums or switching to artificial lawns. By cutting down on household chores, you can spend more time actively enjoying the surroundings. By doing the things you like with the people you love. When combined with ideas like using a minimalist interior design or going paperless, you will notice a change. Frankly, the restored sense of happiness is the least your family deserves.

Keep These In Mind When Moving To A New Home

Whether you are moving to upsize, downsize, or need to move for work there are certain things you need to consider when moving to a new house. You might want to move somewhere that is more eco-friendly as you are interested in saving the planet. 

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Here are three aspects of moving you should think about.




First of all, you should think about which area you want to move to. This is important as you need to get it right. You don’t want to move to an area with a high crime rate for example. When researching areas be sure to check this before looking for a home to move into. You also need to make sure the place you are moving to has other things to offer nearby, such as a supermarket.


Other necessities that should be local to your new place include a doctor’s surgery, dentist, and eateries. If you are moving to a more rural area you need to check that you can get to these places easily. 


Safety Proof


If you are moving to a home that someone else has previously lived in then the first thing you should do is change the locks. This is because there are a lot of dishonest and disgruntled people out there so you need to keep your property safe. Insurance may not pay out if your burglar lets themselves in with a key. 


You should also think about investing in a video doorbell, these are great especially if you are out at work all day. They record when someone walks too close to them so you know everything that is going on outside your home. Also, if you have deliveries throughout the day you can speak through it and tell the driver where to leave your parcel. 


If you are worried about your neighborhood and your home then you could install CCTV on your property. You can do this yourself if you buy the camera kit online or you can get a professional security company to come and do it. The bonus of a security company is they will alert you if something dodgy is happening.




Finally, the place you moved to might be a bit run down and in need of some TLC. This may be the reason you moved into it as fixer-uppers are usually cheaper to get your hands on. If this is the case then make a list of what needs doing and the level of urgency associated with said tasks. You can slowly but surely make your way through the list as and when you have the time available to do so. 

One thing you need to be wary of is your windows. If you have moved to an area with a high hurricane risk then you should look at improving the strength of your windows. This is because during a hurricane the force of the elements can shatter your winter especially if things are blown into them. Using a company to install hurricane-proof windows will ensure you are safe and sound. A hurricane proof window will be able to withstand extra force and even if it does break, the window won’t shatter. Instead, it will fall in one piece of glass rather than thousands.

Maintaining A Healthy Lifestyle Through Your Home

One of the things that we don’t think about when it comes to our health is our home. Specifically, we don’t think about how our home can aid or go against our goals for health, but it’s an important consideration. In this article, we’re going to be taking a look at some of the things that you can be doing to maintain a healthy lifestyle through your home. Keep reading if you would like to find out more.

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Equipment In The Kitchen


The first thing that you need to think about is the equipment you have got in your kitchen. If everything in there is outdated and old, and you don’t even have some of the basic things you would need for healthy cooking, then you’re more likely to reach for the takeout menu. It’s the easier alternative anyway, so you don’t need to add more reasons to the list of why you don’t want to cook.


Go through your kitchen and make sure that you have got all of the basics. This is going to include baking trays, frying pans, sauce pans and so on, all in good condition. If you don’t, or you are missing anything, then make sure you get around to replacing them sooner rather than later. This will help encourage you to cook in your kitchen, helping to reach your health goals.


Check For Dangers


Another thing that you are going to need to do is check your home for dangers. You might think that this is silly and that there is no danger in your home, but you might be wrong. You never know until you look or get a professional out to look. For example, you might have some mold in your home and you likely don’t think it’s a big deal. While it’s not the worst thing in the world, it can be dangerous in some cases, which is why you need mold removal and remediation services depending on the severity of the issue. You don’t want to risk your health, so get rid of it ASAP.


Mental Health


The final thing that we are going to mention is your mental health. Mental health is a hugely important thing, and you need to be taking care of this, through your home especially. Make sure that it is a comfortable environment for you to be in where you feel safe and protected. Don’t let negative vibes linger in your home, and if there are any items you own that bring back unhappy memories, get rid of them.


We hope that you have found this article helpful, and now see some of the things that you can do in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle through your home. You might not have understood what we meant in the beginning of this article, but hopefully you do now and it makes sense to you. We wish you the very best of luck, and hope that your health stays in the best possible condition.

3 Simple Steps To Maintain Perfect Pearly Whites

Looking after your teeth doesn’t have to be difficult, as there are just a few simple steps that you can follow to maintain the most perfect pearly whites for years to come. Interested? Read on to find out more! 

Image Source – Pexels 


Monitor Sugar Intake


One of the best ways to take great care of your teeth is to cut your sugar intake, as sugar wreaks havoc inside your mouth. Sugar mixes with the bacteria that naturally occurs in your mouth, which then leads to an increase in plaque and the formation of cavities that can cause real pain and discomfort. Unfortunately sugar is in almost every manufactured product that lines grocery store shelves, from ready made pasta sauces to supposedly ‘healthy’ yoghurts, however you can easily cut your sugar intake dramatically by switching to a natural wholefoods diet. Buying fresh ingredients to make your own meals and snacks from scratch will give you full control over the amount of sugar that you consume, so you can choose not to add sugar or simply use a more natural replacement like raw honey. 


Develop An Oral Hygiene Routine 


Your next priority should be the development of an oral hygiene routine, as you must make an effort to clean your teeth thoroughly on a regular basis if you want to avoid issues like staining and plaque build up. You need to do far more than simply brush your teeth to keep your mouth clean, as there are many areas that brushing cannot reach. Of course it’s always a good idea to begin your oral hygiene routine by brushing for at least 2 minutes, but you should still aim to follow this up with extra steps to keep on top of bacteria. Using a mouthwash is a great idea, as you can find a specific formula that matches your requirements such as those which decrease sensitivity, or even mouthwash made especially for smokers. Using floss before bed can also be of benefit, as this allows you to free any food debris trapped between your teeth that could cause issues if left unchecked. 


Always Visit An Expert Dentist 


Far too many people have an irrational fear of their local dentist, fearing each appointment as if it were some kind of nerve-wracking or even ultra-terrifying experience. Realistically this could not be further than the truth, as specialist dental services are a key contributor to perfect pearly whites! You need to visit an expert dentist at least once every 6 months, as this will provide them with the opportunity to check your teeth, gums and mouth for any potential problems. They can offer informed advice based on years of training, while giving access to the most suitable treatment options for both medical and aesthetic issues. 


Following the 3 simple steps detailed above is a sure fire way to transform your teeth into the most perfect pearly whites you’ve ever seen! Say goodbye to sugar, keep on top of cleaning, and always visit your dentist if you want to maintain the best possible smile.

Setting Goals for Healthy Living Using These Practices For a Better Lifestyle


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Fabian Møller on Unsplash


The United States Department of Health and Human Services defines societal health as the condition of the people in every bracket within their respective environments. Especially with respect to their health and how they are affected by every facet of their environments. Societal health is not linked to the health of one person. The term is used to describe a single unit: society. For example: What is the societal health of America? Now if you consider your own personal health within the large domain of your society, you should consider where you are and how healthy your lifestyle is in comparison to the social determinants. People who are physically active, eat a healthy diet, don’t smoke, keep their blood pressure in check, and maintain a healthy weight are heart-healthy. Being socially healthy includes looking at factors such as income, education, employment, and access to health care. The following practices can help you become both heart-healthy and socially healthy. 

Heart Healthy Practices

It’s important to start changing your outlook on life to love yourself. If you have a negative mindset and attitude then it can impact your way of living. That’s not to say if there are bad days you don’t feel those emotions, live your experience, and express it the way that you need to because suppression and forcing yourself to consistently be happy can also be a negative thing. Practice daily or weekly gratitude for what you do appreciate around you. When you consider your mindset you should be mindful in your life but as Verywell Mind defines it, it additionally means that your beliefs and understanding will impact how you experience everything around you including how you, “ think, feel, and behave in any given situation.” 

When you have mastered your mindset and your outlook then you can move on to other practices. These allow for self-improvement and heart-healthy living. This means taking care of your body, mind, and soul. If you begin to take care of your body you would probably start to take on health practices that ensure that it is at its optimum. You won’t smoke or drink too much and you will change your diet. Likewise, when you improve on these then you might want to move on to exercising daily. Exercising does not always dictate that you need to do intense workouts, you could walk, take long hikes, dance, have leisure swims, or find something to move your muscles. If you hike or do anything outdoors like camping then gear like will go a long way. These practices will not only rejuvenate your body but also your mind and soul.   

Socially Healthy Practices

Partaking in socially healthy practices first ensures that you are living in a stable home and community. Experts note that ensuring that you feel safe, secure, and are having your basic needs met takes you out of feeling that you need to be in survival mode on a consistent basis then you are in the right direction. Getting out of survival mode and being healthier includes being in a work environment that is progressive and cares for their employers. However, if you are in an economical crisis it can inhibit that stability. Further improving on your life if you have children would mean ensuring that their needs are met including basic education and that they are consistently learning. 

Essential Practical Kitchen Tips

Your kitchen has to host a lot of everyday tasks, so it needs to both work hard for you and look good. Whether you’re cooking, cleaning, eating, or entertaining, you want your kitchen to be a room to enjoy. The right design can help to make that happen. If you’re redesigning your kitchen, these tips will help you create a space you will love.  

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Eliminate Wasted Steps

When you’re designing your kitchen, think about how and where you usually use different items. For example, keep your breakfast foods and bowls near the breakfast table. Wraps and plastic containers should go into one cupboard need a work surface to make packing up leftovers easier. Store your dishware and flatware near the dishwasher to make unloading it faster. If you’re moving any plumbing, with supplies from, you can choose where to put sinks and dishwashers to minimize wasted steps around the kitchen. 


Design Wide Walkways

Make sure your floorplan leaves enough room between the cabinets and the island so you can move easily around the room. Paths throughout the kitchen should be about 36 inches wide. The aisle within the main cooking zone should about 42 inches wide if only one person cooks, and 48 inches wide if you and your partner often cook together. 


Direct Traffic Through The Kitchen

Traffic flow is important in kitchen design. For child-friendly design, keep the cooktop out of high traffic areas so kids can’t catch the handles as they walk through. Position the fridge so it can easily be accessed by whoever is cooking, cleaning, or just walking through. 


Stay Clear Of Corners

Pay close attention to corners when you decide where to put cabinets and appliances. To make these fully functional, leave room for the door’s clearance and swing direction. Keep appliances away from the corners and make sure doors won’t bang into each other if they’re open at the same time. 


Find The Right Height For The Microwave

The right height and space for the microwave will depend on your cooking style and whether you have children. For adults, 15 inches above the countertop is a good height, but for kids, a below counter setup could be safer and easier. 


Decide On The Island’s Function

With kitchen islands, form follows function. Think about how you want to use the island before you worry about designing it. If you want to cook and eat at the island, then plan enough space to separate the cooktop safely from the eating space. The island could also be used for the sink or a dishwasher, to make it more functional. 


Plan Landing Space Near Appliances

Landing space around your appliances gives you somewhere to put things down while you’re cooking or preparing ingredients. When you design your kitchen, leave around 15 inches of countertop on each side of your cooktop and fridge. Landing space is also very useful around the microwave and other small appliances, like the toaster or coffee machine.

Frequently Asked Questions on How Women Can Prepare for Their Annual Health Checkups

General health care is important. It keeps you healthy and happy, and it can be a way for you to monitor certain diseases. As such, you must stay up-to-date with your annual checkups. However, there are many questions about what goes into these exams and how women should prepare for them.

Photo by Radomir Jordanovic from Pexels


Here Are Great Tips On How You Can Prepare For The Tests


Dental Checkup: 

Women should brush and floss their teeth at least twice a day before their dental appointment, as well as the night before. You must also avoid all food or drink, including mouthwash, after 8 p.m. so that you don’t have any adverse reactions to anesthesia if it is required. You should also bring their toothbrush with you to the dental services appointment because sometimes dentists will use them to reveal hard-to-see areas of the mouth. 



No preparation is needed prior to this procedure; however, women are advised that they might experience some discomfort during the mammogram, depending on how large their breasts are. You must remove any jewelry from around the area, and you should wear a two-piece outfit to make the process easier.


Cholesterol Screenings: 

No particular preparation is required; however, women should refrain from taking their BP medication (Blood Pressure Medication) the night before as it can interfere with results. You can eat normally prior to your appointment, but you should avoid certain medications like ibuprofen because these could affect results too.


Hearing Test: 

Women who need to undergo an audiology test should be advised that it is not painful but will feel uncomfortable. In addition, you need to bring your hearing aids if you are using them because this aids in testing accuracy during the examination. 


Finally, if possible, you should arrange for a ride to get home after the appointment because you will be advised not to drive immediately after the test.


Gynecological Exams: 

Women are required to fast for 8 hours before their gynecology exam, which means food and water. Suppose you have visited an OB/GYN recently. You should tell your new doctor about this as well so that relevant information is available for reference during future appointments.


Frequently Asked Questions on How Women Can Prepare for Their Annual Health Checkups


Q: What exactly is involved in a sexual health checkup?


A: Doctors typically use this time to ask if any issues or concerns have arisen recently and then address any new ones that might come up during the time of your appointment. Your doctor will then perform a thorough examination which includes your blood pressure. They will also most likely perform a pelvic exam, requiring them to insert a speculum into the vagina to view the cervix. They might also take some swabs or vaginal samples if they notice anything that seems amiss.


Q: What kinds of questions should I expect my doctor to ask?


A: They might inquire about general health issues such as any pain, cramping, dizziness, or changes in bowel habits. They might ask if you’ve been experiencing stress at home or at work or whether you’ve been experiencing any sleep problems. A doctor might also ask if you’re engaging in a healthy lifestyle and inquire about things such as your diet and exercise habits.


Q: What should I take with me to the appointment?


A: It’s a good idea for women to come prepared with a list of questions they may have from their own research on the internet.


Q: How often should women have these examinations?


A: This really depends on your current state of health and whether you’ve previously experienced any problems. However, it’s generally recommended that this exam gets done once every 12 months for adult women. Women who are over 50 may need more frequent checkups as they are considered to be at an increased risk for certain diseases.