How To Avoid Some of the Health Risks of Working from Home

Whether you’re a freelancer working from home, or run your own company from your office in the attic, it is important that you protect your mental and physical health. Unlike when working in the office, we have no scheduled breaks and health and safety policies in place. You will have to create your own rules to make sure that you can stay healthy and productive while working from home. Find a few tips below.

Stay Active

Many people tend to sit at the computer for hours and forget to stand up. This can put an extreme pressure on their joints and cause strains that will only get worse over time. You should stand up every now and then, and go to the gym or exercise from home. This will give you more energy when you need it most, and help you stay healthy. You might want to schedule a Yoga plus HIIT session during one of your breaks, and some relaxing Tai chi after you have finished with a project.

Schedule Breaks

If you regularly forget about taking a break, standing up, or find it hard to concentrate, due to housework piling up, you will have to create your own schedule. There are several online productivity apps that will allow you to make the most out of your productive time and take a break regularly. No matter if you decide to catch up on Facebook or go for a walk, visit your local coffee shop, you will need the healthy distraction.

Lighting and Eye Care

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It is equally important that you look after your eyesight, especially if you work with computers all the time. Learn to type without looking at your screen and your keyboard, and look away every now and then. You might also find some eye training exercises online you can do, or get pinhole glasses. The most important thing is workspace adjustment, and making sure that you are not straining your eyes when you are looking at your screen. You might want to consult with Athwal Eye Associates to get a professional assessment.  

Ergonomic Furniture

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As soon as you set up your home office, you should find furniture that supports your healthy posture and helps you stay comfortable for long hours. You might consider standing desks if you have lower back problems or wrist and leg support. You don’t want to be crouching on the corner of the sofa all day, suffering from lower back pain.

Maintain Your Work-Life Balance

One of the hardest things for people working from home is finding time to have fun. Do something that makes you happy; catch up on Netflix shows, read a book, or just take a walk or get on your bike. After all, you don’t work hard all week to have any fun at all. Arrange to meet friends after you finish your work, or go to the cinema. Reward yourself every now and then.


Working from home, we often forget to look after Number One. Implement these changes today and see the difference in your health.

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