3 Reasons Why a Good Fitness Routine Should Be at the Heart of Your Self-Improvement Efforts

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Are you everything you could be? Getting as much out of your life as possible? Do you feel you’ve reached the pinnacle in your self-development, and that there’s no way that you could become a better, wiser, more productive, and more well-put-together person?


If you answered “yes”, you’re either being dishonest with yourself, or you’ve dramatically underestimated what you could achieve in life. The simple truth is that no one ever achieves the full degree of their potential. There are always new mountains to climb, and that’s something that should make you feel legitimately excited about life.


Many of us routinely end up in situations where we are not only not living up to our full potential, but are barely even scratching the surface of who we could be. Remaining in that state, and failing to take proactive steps to grow, is one of the worst things you could ever do. A crime against yourself and those who care about you.


A good fitness routine — one that features a well-structured workout program, help from insightful personal trainers who have not only read about the best personal trainer marketing hacks, but who have also developed plenty of on-the-job experience — can be the cornerstone of your self-improvement efforts. Simply by working out consistently, you can truly begin to turn your life around.


Here are a few reasons why that’s the case.


Keystone habits shape the entire nature of how you live your life and impact everything else


The writer Charles Duhigg commented on keystone habits in his book “The Power of Habit”. In the book, he defined keystone habits as being those habits which create a domino effect of positive change in your life.


Turning your computer off in the evening, for example, may mean that you start going to bed earlier. Which in turn means that you start waking up earlier. Which then means that you’ve got more energy and time in the morning to work on your side-hustle, or write your great novel.


Committing to a regular fitness routine is arguably one of the most powerful and consistent keystone habits out there. When you begin and stick to a fitness routine, it’s not uncommon for your nutrition, sleep, health, conscientiousness and attention to detail, and even your social habits, to change for the better.


After all, who wants to train at the gym obsessively only to stall their gains by chain-smoking and eating hamburgers?


Exercise builds discipline and persistence like little else does


There’s a big industry out there for people who are looking for shortcuts, and who want to achieve great results in their lives without hard work, and without discipline. Alas, it is impossible to achieve great results in your life without a good dose of discipline, and significant capacity for hard work.


Nonetheless, many people are low in conscientiousness — which is a psychological trait that describes how orderly and disciplined a person is. These people typically lead chaotic lives and struggle to make any consistent progress in any dimension of their lives, because they just aren’t able to knuckle down and get to work.


Luckily, you can do things to become more disciplined. It’s a matter of practice and self-reinvention. The change won’t necessarily come overnight, but if you put in the work, it will come.


One thing you can do to become more disciplined is to practice sticking to a daily schedule, and keeping daily to-do lists. Another thing you can do, of course, is to begin and stick to a good fitness routine.


Churning out reps, or staying on the treadmill or track when you’re tired and sore isn’t easy. Pushing through helps to develop discipline.


Positive change radiates outwards — exercise is one of the most immediate, tangible sphered under your control


An interesting fact about positive change, in general, is that it radiates outwards from small and humble beginnings. If you want to change your entire life, you need to start small and trust that those small changes will, in turn, expand the sphere of your life that is under your control.


And, indeed, that is how it happens. One day your life is a complete mess. Then you start making your bed each morning. Then shortly after, you’re encouraged by this simple ritual to tidy up the house and keep it clean. Then you take more pride in your work, and so on.


Exercise is one of the most direct things you can do to initiate that positive change. It’s your own body you’re dealing with. But it can lead to not only your own life improving, but also the lives of your loved ones and friends, as you become a better and more reliable person and a beacon of inspiration.

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New Year, New You: 7 Resolutions For A Happier and Healthier Year

Photo by Brooke Cagle on Unsplash


With New Year’s Eve just around the corner, everyone is starting to think about their New Year’s resolutions. Whether you want to give something up, start a family or make a change to your career – setting those goals at the start of the year is the best way to kick off your 2019.


Although there are lots of different resolutions you can set, your ultimate goal should be to have a happy and healthy year. With that in mind, here are 7 resolutions you can set for a happier 2019:



  • Give Up A Bad Habit



If you have a bad habit – like most of us do – then why not set it as a resolution to work on quitting throughout 2019?


Whether it’s giving up smoking, reducing the amount of alcohol you drink or taking the stairs rather than the elevator, you’ll be surprised how good it can actually make you feel.



  • Aim To Save Some Money



Saving money is incredibly difficult, so setting goals and making it your New Year’s resolution is a great way to encourage yourself to get started. Even if you only put a small amount away each month, it can all add up. You never know, you may be able to treat yourself by the end of the year.



  • Learn To Love Yourself



This is probably one of the most difficult resolutions on this list, as the way you feel about yourself is not something that can be changed overnight. Whether you need to make changes (like cosmetic surgery) to help your mental health, or you need to start little daily activities that help you learn to love your body – you won’t regret making this change.


For more information about cosmetic surgery Utah, you can visit this site here.



  • Practice Self-Care



If you struggle to find the time to practice self-care, 2019 should be the year you do it. Looking after yourself and doing things for you is incredibly important to your mental health, even if it’s just taking a long bubble bath at the end of a hard day. Make sure you put you first.



  • Tick Something Off Your Bucket List



Everyone has a bucket list, right?


If you’re struggling to cross things off yours, then why not make 2019 the year you tick something off it? Whether it’s something small like visiting the zoo with your whole family or something bigger like running a marathon or traveling – setting it as your resolution will make it seem much more possible!



  • Aim To Increase The Amount You Exercise



If you’re currently in a position where you’re not getting much exercise, setting your limits using a New Year resolution is a great way to encourage yourself to start moving more. Even if you start small and aim for 20 minutes a day, four times a week – you will be feeling much better in no time!



  • Start Eating Healthier



Similarly to starting to exercise, setting yourself goals to eating healthier is a great way to ensure your 2019 gets off to a great start.


Are you setting New Year’s resolutions this year? Let me know what they are in the comment section below.

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Have You Pushed You Too Far?

It’s exciting to be on a health kick, isn’t it? One minute you’re feeling euphoric at keeping yourself well-fed with nutrient dense foods and the next you’re happy about the adrenaline rush of the latest workout that you’ve managed to complete. Getting healthy is a fun activity and doing it can change your life. Living by the mantra of ‘no pain, no gain’ is common for those who work out often, but while it’s not necessarily a bad thing to push yourself with your workouts, it’s not a positive thing to push yourself to the point of pain every single time, either.


There are a handful of signs that you should be on the lookout for when it comes to your workout routines, and these are the signs that tell you to chill out and relax a little. Listening to your body is so important if you want to continue your workout success and avoid a trip to urgent care, then you need to listen to yourself. Paying attention to the signals that your body is giving you is going to help you to avoid a burnout and injury, but you need to know what those red flags are! Below, you’ll find some of the most common workout red flags that will warn you you’re pushing yourself too far.

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  • When you find it hard to finish your workout, collapsing before the end, you are training to fail. Challenging yourself to do as many reps as possible is admirable, but it’s not going to get you where you want to be in terms of your health. If you’re feeling worn down every single time you head to the gym, it may well be time to slow down and wait for your body to keep up.
  • You’re not finding time to recover, are you? When you’re going through regular and intense workout sessions, you need your rest days to repair and recover your muscles. Alternating those harder exercises with low-intensity sessions will do your body good, and you need to ensure you’re not missing out on those rest days.
  • When you’re not sleeping after a workout, it’s because your sympathetic nervous system is still working, sending your stress levels through the roof. The exercise that you are doing is a healthy stressor, but it’s still a form of stress. Slow it down and get some proper sleep!
  • Catching every cold and virus going over the winter months is normal for some, but if it’s not normal for you, then you need to consider that your workouts could be to blame. A drop in your immune system means that you are more likely to catch a cold. Listen to your body and recover while you’re sick – slow down on pushing yourself when you have a virus so that you can work out better later.


Working out and getting healthier is wonderful and necessary, but if you’re hurting, not sleeping and forgetting your rest days, you’re not working out right! Slow yourself down and take your time with your health; you won’t regret it!

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Advice When Making Big Changes To Your Home

When it comes to making big changes to your home, it can be a little daunting, to say the least. Even if you’re getting professionals in, there’s always the risk that something can go wrong. Here’s some advice for when taking the plunge and changing your home drastically.

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Know Your Budget

It’s important to know your budget when making big changes to your home. Why? Well because you should always expect the unexpected and that means preparing yourself to spend more money if any problems should arise. You should set a budget at the beginning but have backup funds available. Know your limit so that when you’re purchasing materials or hiring professionals, you know how much you can afford and when it might be a good idea to hold back until you’re financially ready.


Insurance And Planning Permissions

Insurance should be something you already have for your property and the contents. However, if you’re getting any substantial building work done, it’s a good idea to check your insurance to see if you need to add anything onto your policy to protect it should anything go wrong.


You should also have the right planning permissions for whatever changes you want to make to the property. This should be done before you hire anyone or start doing the work. It will only delay your progress if you leave it to the last minute.


Hire Reputable Professionals

If you have the skills needed for handling big building projects, then that’s a great advantage for the bank account. However regardless, you’ll likely need the help of professionals at some point. Hiring reputable professions is important especially when you’re putting your property into the hands of strangers. Whether it’s foundation contractors, plumbers or electricians, ask around for recommendations and read reviews of previous customers.


Make sure these professionals also have the right insurance and certificates to carry out the work. Don’t be afraid to ask for them either so that you know whether you need to amend your insurance or find a new contractor to work with.


Make Changes That Add Value To The Home

When doing work on your home, it should either be to improve the safety of it or to add value to your home. Of course, the vanity aspect also comes into play but if you only have a limited amount of money, you may want to think about prioritizing what work you have done. Adding value to your home, regardless of whether you intend to sell it, is important.


Do your research and ask around to see what building work can add value to a property. If it loses you money, then it might be work rethinking about getting it done.


You should always carefully consider your options when it comes to making changes to your property. It can often cost a lot of money, and there are plenty of risks that come with big projects. However, if it’s something you need and will only boost your property’s curb appeal, then go for it!

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Helping Out Elderly Loved Ones In Your Life

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Kick Your Bad Health Habits Right Now

It doesn’t matter who you are, you’ve probably got some bad health habits! We’re all guilty of them, and some are slightly more serious than others. From eating a few too many sweets every day to drinking far too much alcohol; they’re all bad for our health.

Consequently, if you want to achieve a healthier life, then you must kick your bad health habits right now! I know, I know – it’s hard. But, with the advice below, you’ll soon find it much easier to wave goodbye to these bad habits forever.

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Slowly remove them from your life

The worst thing you can do is get rid of these habits from your life all in one go. It seems like a good idea, but it just creates intense cravings for all that bad stuff. Cutting sweets or sugar out will be almost impossible, and the same goes for smoking or alcohol. Instead, remove them slowly and reduce your intake week by week. Eventually, you wean yourself off them, and they’re gone for good. This is the best way to ensure you continue to avoid these negative health habits!

Get support from other people

Trying to kick bad habits on your own is tough, which is why you should try and get other people to support you on your journey. They can make sure you don’t slip back into your bad habits, and they make you feel accountable for your actions as well. This tip is especially practical for anyone looking to quit smoking or cut down on alcohol. If you look at an addiction treatment center for these problems, a crucial part of the daily routine is having people around the patients to support them at all times. They don’t do this just for the fun of it, it’s because having support is proven to help people stay away from their bad habits. So, whether you join a support group or confide in your friends/family for help, it will go a long way to kicking these habits to the curb.

Substitute healthier alternatives

This is an excellent idea for anyone looking to stop eating horribly and consuming too many sugary or fatty foods. Instead of eating all that junk, replace it with healthier alternatives. For example, eat some raspberries instead of sweets to get your sugar kick but in a much healthier way. The same goes for alcohol; drink alcohol-free drinks to get the same taste but without the bad stuff. It’s much easier to give up things when you have a replacement handy.

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Keep track of everything

Lastly, make sure you track your progress during this whole process. Keep track of what you’re eating or drinking, or how many cigarettes you’re smoking, and this pushes you to make those numbers drop further down. If you look back in two months and see you’ve massively reduced the amount of junk food you eat per week, then it makes you feel amazing and you’re keen to push on!

I hope this advice helps everyone out there with bad health habits. It’s natural to have them but make sure they don’t take over your life. Kick them today, and you’ll see a much healthier future.

Home Safety Isn’t A Simple Fix, But A Dynamic Process



If we own a home or apartment, we often recognize that we need to secure it in order to feel completely safe. A home is just a house without that feeling of safety. You should feel the most secure in your home out of any potential place on Earth, save for obvious and pedantic considerations such as working within a military base. However, when it comes to our home safety, we are often blindingly unaware of just how easily an intelligent and willing trespasser can gain access to your home.

Normal key locks such as Yale locks haven’t advanced in design for some time. That’s a lot of faith being placed in one lock on your front or back door, especially considering how a deft finger could lockpick them effectively. We start to realize with examples like this that home safety isn’t a simple fix, but a dynamic process. We must continually update how our homes are secure, look for modern and complete methods of preventing issues from taking place, and also looking past the simple potential for a thief entering our homes. There are many more safety considerations to keep into play.

With this advice, you’re sure to apply whatever package you choose with intelligence and forethought:


Garden Security


Often we can implement many important safety features in our household, but neglect to consider how our garden might interfere with that. Some gardens are obviously more secure than others. While gardens in suburban environments have clearer fencing, sometimes a lack of this can mean that a simple walk down a back alley might grant access to your green space. However, in rural environments, sometimes it’s difficult to figure out just where the border of your property might fall. Of course, you know, but that might not translate to someone walking along a public footpath, or perhaps someone who willingly wishes to check out what’s going on at your property. Garden security is essential to understand and to optimize if you hope for the best and most complete security package.


There are many methods you could use here. Floodlighting can shine upon those who might be walking onto your property without permission. Being exposed by blinding light is obviously quite a hard thing to contend with, and can scare away those who intend to stay hidden immediately. This can also have the added benefit of helping you navigate into your driveway late at night. Floodlights are cheap, and if connected together can often use motion to dictate just where and when they flick on. Just be sure to do your best to hide the wires you use when connecting them to an external power outlet, as sometimes these wires could be cut and taken offline. It sounds like we’re suggesting you protect your home against a ‘Mission Impossible’ agent, but of course, it’s always better to be safe than sorry.


Consider how your garden changes over the years. Consider how you might impede access methods to your home, and how you might protect your children. Security fencing, entering a local neighborhood watch program, and generally staying vigilant can help your garden space become more of a secure space.



Pets are a reliable resource. But of course, a cute hamster might not help against an intruder. A big dog will, however, or a small dog with a big bark. Dogs are perhaps the most reliable method of scaring away those interested in your property. Even a ‘beware of the dog’ sign can be a good method of protecting your home in an area known for burglaries. Of course, this is quite clearly a dynamic security process, because a pet is a life and not a simple security implement. They also require training in order to know when you’re ‘accepting’ someone on your territory and when you’re not. The postman, for example, needs to be considered a reliable and friendly person in your dog’s eyes. Someone heavily banging on your door is not.


Complete Systems


Complete systems of home security are being offered with greater rapidity, but only some of them are worth a look-in. View here to decide on which implements you would most want. With an excellent security apparatus at your beck and call, you can focus on many threats that could happen. While we’ve been focused on thievery and those with negative intentions thus far, that’s hardly the only threat your home faces. In fact, thinking this way narrows you into ‘simple fix’ territory to begin with.


Your home can be impeded by fires, electrical difficulties, flooding, and neglect. Carbon monoxide, and sometimes even thievery from those you trust can all impede your home. This is why a complete security system, something that covers all angles in one easy billing process can certainly help the safety of your home remain applied in the most convenient, wide-spanning and targeted way possible.




A neglected home is often a home with security difficulties. A rotting basement entrance, old windows with damaged arches, and a garage door that can simply be pulled up due to the lock being outdated could all be considered problems that you need to resolve soon or face the difficulty you might not have been expecting. Sometimes neglect can spur particular sensitivities, such as rot turning to mold, which turns to spores, which can lead to respiratory issues, or worse in young children.


Stairs that are not properly carpeted, varnished or strengthened can be a big security hazard. Exposed wiring, or perhaps lose fittings increase the risk of a house fire. In other words, sometimes the effort of taking inventory of the problems you have to fix, and actually fixing them now not later could prevent a relatively important issue from taking place. Sometimes a simple bit of discipline can be the fix here, such as forbidding your children to play in the attic or simply ensuring the garden steps are utilized correctly could help your home remain safe when there aren’t any other repairs or safety administrations to apply.


This is a dynamic fix because it helps us temper our own attitudes to the problems we might face. For that reason, it is something we keep with is, and something that might change over time.


With all of these tips put together, you’re sure to enable your home safety in a healthy, more complete manner.

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Drop Fat Faster

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Trying to get rid of excess fat can be challenging and often slimmer’s give up because it seems to be taking so long. The lack of pace with which the fact is disappearing disheartens them, but there are ways of making it go quicker.

Eat A High protein Diet

Eating a high protein diet works in two ways. It will sate your appetite for longer and you will eat less because of this. It will also help to build muscle and lose fat.  Multiple studies have shown that eating a high-quality protein diet reduces the risk of belly fat, which can be one of the most dangerous sorts. You should try to include lots of tofu, seeds, green peas and legumes in your weekly diet.

Take Up Strength Training

With strength training, a lot of the exercises involve contracting your muscles against resistance.  This will help to build your muscles and as that happens you will lose fat. Combined with some aerobic exercise it can be even more effective, and both types have many other health benefits, as well as helping with fat loss.

You could feel you do not have enough energy to do this to start with. The answer to that could be something to boost your energy to give you a kick-start. This website stocks the pack perfect for this, and then you will be certain of making the most of your workouts. When you ake the most of them and push yourself, you will see faster fat loss.

Squeeze In Some Extra Sleep

It has been thought for a long time that extra sleep helps with weight loss, and also assists you with keeping the fat at bay once you have diminished it. Recent research has confirmed this. A group of 245 women took part in the study and the results showed that for the ones that have 7 hours sleep every night for 6 months, their weight loss was 33% more than the ones that did not sleep so much.

Other research has shown that a lack of sleep affects our hunger hormones and gives us a larger appetite.

Include Vinegar In Your Diet

Vinegar has several properties that are good for your health. It can help to prevent heart disease, and control blood sugars as well as contributing toward your fight to lose fat. It has also been shown to reduce appetite because it makes you feel fuller. Some people drink apple cider vinegar missed with water as their way of getting two tablespoons a day, but if you do not like the taste, you can mix it with other things or make dressings and sauces with it.

Swap Your Drinks

Avoid any sort of soda drink as they contain lots of sugar.  The same applies to alcohol, which can give you a bigger appetite as well. Both of these types of drinks are associated with increased belly fat and removing them from your diet can help to reduce the excess fat you have.

Calorie-free drinks such as water and many tea infusions are a much better option, and they have other health benefits too. Green tea, in particular, is known to help with fat burning.

Most people will lose weight very quickly for the first week or two, but then the amount of loss slows down. However, you should not go by your weight alone. Muscle weighs more than fat and you could well be just replacing the bad with the good, but it might not show on your scales.

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A Party In Our Mouth Nobody Likes! Ways To Remove Bad Breath


On a scale of 1 to 10, how bad you think your breath smells? We would all like to think that it’s a 1, but if we spend a lot of time socializing, and eating healthier is not a priority right now, we may be building up those little bits of bacteria in our mouth that can contribute to a minor social faux pas. While it’s not nice to think of little bits of bacteria congregating to form a party in our mouth, if, during this winter season, we want to engage someone in conversation without them trying to not hold their nose, we’ve got to think about how to get rid of it!

Really, How Often Do You Brush?!

Let’s confront the elephant in the room (or the mouth), if you brush twice a day, then great! But what is the issue if you’ve still got bad breath? Maybe it’s the fact that you’re not brushing as well as you think. If you are someone that has problems with their wisdom teeth, this is a sure fire sign that your brushing habits aren’t that good. It’s not about quantity; it’s about quality when it comes to brushing. And don’t forget, you need to change your toothbrush regularly, and if this is something you forget about, a manual toothbrush subscription could make it easier for you. And in terms of your brushing habits, never neglect the tongue or the gums!

Neutralize The Bacteria

The issue may be as simple as you not getting rid of the bacteria in your mouth. There are easy ways for you to do this, such as by chewing gum after a meal but also looking after your gums. Gum disease is one of the primary causes of bad breath because the bacteria gather in the pockets at the base of your teeth. And if you don’t have enough saliva in your mouth, this could be another reason that bacteria gathers. Drink plenty of water, especially if you are prone to getting a dry mouth.

Try Some Natural Remedies

They say eating an apple is like nature’s toothbrush, but if you’re not fond of apples, there are other natural ways for you to get rid of bad breath. Remember, it’s about a buildup of bacteria, so taking the antiseptic route, such as with a warm salt water rinse, as well as more natural approaches like green tea, Aloe Vera, and even cinnamon sticks! If you are doing everything you can, one thing to look at is your predisposition to stress. It’s interesting, but if you get better rest, this decreases your stress response which in turn helps your immune system!

Nobody likes bad breath, especially when we know that we’ve got it. But remember, bacteria is the culprit so if we can minimize bacteria in our mouths, this will result in fresher breath. For so many of us, it’s about keeping on top of this, not just with having the right remedies available, but doing the basics properly. Because after all, if you don’t brush your teeth correctly, this is more than likely the main reason people are politely turning their heads away when you speak to them!

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Anti-Aging the Natural Way

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Humans have a problem in that our bodies seem to age quicker than our brains. In your mind you still feel quite young, then you look in a mirror one day and wonder who the old person is looking back at you. We have all seen it in other people. Our favorite films stars for, instance, suddenly look older, although there are some that do not seem to age, and then you wished you knew their secret.

The single biggest cause of making us look old, and for age-related conditions such as heart diseases, diabetes, cancer, arthritis, and diminished mental performance, is inflammation. Inflammation does have its good points in moderation. It can help to fight outbreaks and infections, but when it starts to cause things like hardening of the arteries or clogging your brain, then it is not so clever.

It does not have to be huge amounts, as tiny bits of inflammation can accumulate over years, but then it will start to affect your skin making it look dry and tired, and will cause wrinkles and lines. These are the first visible signs of our age, so what can you do to help prevent this from happening?

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A Good Diet To Stay Younger

Include plenty of spices in your diet as they have a lot of natural anti-inflammatory properties. Turmeric and Cayenne are especially good as you can put them on most meals. If you do not like the taste, buy yourself a supplement with them both in. These are a natural way of slowing down the anti-aging process, and that is something that comes highly recommended by Denny Waxman, who can provide you with lots of other guidance in this matter. It really does work well.

Brightly colored vegetables are usually a good bet too, as well as leafy green ones, oily fishes, nut and whole grains. If you change your diet to these anti-inflammatory foods and leave out sugars and processed options, you will notice the difference in your appearance in quite a short time.

Be Chemical Free

Don’t put anything on your skin that contains chemicals that could not reasonably be considered healthy. When you are buying skin care products, makeup or hair care, read the labels carefully as anything with chemicals in can help to make your skin age.

There are plenty of natural products on the market. The choice is huge and now even some of the large and best know brand names have started leaving chemicals out of their products because they have realized that consumers no longer want them in anything they use.

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Avoid Sunshine Without A Sunscreen

Stay out of the sun unless you have bought one of the natural sunscreens, and make sure you use it. The sun can cause a lot of damage to your skin and can be a major cause of wrinkles and lines. Even when you have protected yourself from it, you should make sure you moisturize your skin well afterward. Dehydrated skin looks dull and sometimes becomes flaky. It does not look very good at all, and will certainly make you look older.

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