Basement Conversions. 5 Things You Must Do

Basement Conversions. 5 Things You Must Do. Converting the basement is one of the most efficient ways of getting a bigger home without having to upsize to a new property. Better still, unlike some extensions, you will not eat into the valuable garden space either. If you’re going to make this transition, though, it’s vital that you do it well. 

While every homeowner has their unique vision of what the basement should look like and do, here are five elements that you cannot ignore. 

Make Sure It’s Safe 

If the basement is to become a new living space, it’s imperative that you ensure the space is safe. Spending hours locked away in a room with poor air quality, mold, or asbestos will cause major health problems. Surveying the area and attending to any issues is a job for the experts. Visit for more information. Frankly, until the basement is safe, you shouldn’t even consider the decoration or other upgrades. You do not want the conversion to make you ill.

Let There Be Light 

Lighting plays a huge role in every living space. Unfortunately, encouraging natural light to enter the room can be particularly difficult. If you are lucky enough to have windows in this room, make sure that you use them. When privacy is an issue, window films enable you to enjoy the best of both worlds. Installing LED lights with dimmer switches will give you fantastic control over the overall aesthetic and mood. When combined with table lamps, the room will look far better.

Upgrade The Essential Features 

While checking out the state of play before starting is vital, it’s equally crucial to consider the new needs now that it’s a living space. Floors could be uneven while walls may not offer insulation or soundproofing.  Give yourself this solid platform, and the process of turning the basement into a living space will inevitably become a whole lot easier. 

Create A Theme 

If the basement conversion is going to work, it’s vital that you inject a sense of personality. Whether it’s a rustic theme or an ultra-modern vibe is entirely up to you. Having a theme should influence color schemes, furniture choices, and even storage facilities. If the basement is blessed with character-defining walls, you should embrace them rather than replace them. Finally, don’t be afraid to celebrate your family’s personality with photos, souvenirs, and memorabilia. 

Think About The Access 

Your basement conversion doesn’t end with what’s inside the four walls of the room. The stairway down to the basement is likely to be quite small and narrow. This can be very uninviting and may discourage the family from utilizing this area as they should. Upgrade the stairs by adding a sturdy handrail, painting the walls, and providing good lighting. When this area is more welcoming, it’ll make a noticeable difference to the space. In some cases, it may be possible to find extra storage too.