Bathroom Blues? Here’s How You Can Fix It

There is nothing worse than an outdated bathroom. When the sink looks like a mess, the bathtub looks old, and the tiling looks like something from the previous century, it’s definitely about time you gave it a proper makeover. Luckily, it doesn’t have to cost that much either – as long as you know how to do it, that is.

Image from: Pexels


Here is a handful of great ways to make your bathroom look fresh and sparkling new again so that you can enjoy that clean feeling without spending a fortune on it.


#1 Recover your bathtub


If your bathtub looks especially outdated but you’re nowhere near able to afford the purchase and installation of a brand new one, you should consider recovering it. In fact, all tubs that are not beyond repair can easily be recovered if you’re willing to put in just a little bit of time and effort.


Read up on how you can reglaze your tub in this article and get to work straight away; then you’ll be able to tap yourself a bath in a sparkling clean tub as soon as possible.


#2 Fix your tiling


If your tiles look alright but the white is starting to fade into a grey or brown color, you might want to consider touching it up a bit. This is such a quick thing to do, and your bathroom will both feel and look way cleaner afterward. Remember to give the room a proper treatment against mold and mildew as well, by the way, in case it’s not properly ventilated.


When the tiles are beyond repair and you desperately need an upgrade, you can easily take care of this yourself as well. Sure, it will cost you a bit more than simply cleaning and touching upon the white – but the result will definitely be worth it.


All you need are tiles of your choice, sika grout, and the tools required to remove the previous tiles. Remember to cover up the bathroom floor, tub, sink, and toilet first, though, to avoid making a complete mess.


#3 Invite some greenery in


Now that your tiles are looking shiny new and your bathtub is perfectly reglazed, it’s time for the finishing touches. A sufficient amount of light is always important in order for a bathroom to look nice and fresh, but plants can also do a lot to lift its look. Have a look at this article to read about the kind of plants that thrive in the bathroom, by the way, so that you’re able to give them a healthy home.


Now that your bathroom looks so great, it’s a good idea to keep a basket filled with cleaning stuff handy. That way, you can always reach for a sponge and a cleaner to give the sink area a quick wash, and enjoy a clean feeling every time you’re in the bathroom.