These ‘Healthy’ Practices Aren’t as Great as They Seem

These ‘Healthy’ Practices Aren’t as Great as They Seem. It’s the start of a new year, meaning many of us are setting goals for the months ahead- and in particular, focusing on our health. After a month of indulgence with alcohol, food, and late nights it’s certainly no bad thing, and a health kick can help to bring some balance back to your life. However, there are certain things you could be doing that are not only unhelpful but can actually be quite unhealthy too- not what you want when you’re trying to improve things for yourself! Here are some examples of ‘healthy’ practices that aren’t quite as good as they seem.

Switching to vaping

Smoking can cause all kinds of cancers and other illnesses, it’s no secret that it’s extremely bad for you. Lots of people switch to vaping as it’s seen as a less damaging alternative, however, research is increasingly showing the link between vaping and lung cancer. Your best bet would be to quit altogether, break your addiction to nicotine and you won’t need it in any form.

Going on a ‘diet’

You’ve piled on some weight over Christmas and are feeling a little bloated. Your face has lost some definition and your jeans feel tight- most of us are in the same boat right now! It’s tempting to want to start up a diet to put things right, but many kinds of ‘diets’ are incredibly restrictive and aren’t good for you at all. Restrict yourself too much and chances are, you’ll end up binging later down the line which leads to an unhealthy cycle of yo-yo dieting. Instead of seeing your new year’s eating as a ‘diet’, view it as more of a health kick. Focus on fruits and vegetables, whole grains, and lean protein. Incorporate some enjoyable, healthy snacks to keep you on track, and give yourself the occasional treat. This is far more sustainable and will enable you to lose weight in a healthy way.

Drinking a morning smoothie

Blitzing down some fruit into a palatable, easy-to-drink concoction- sounds ideal right? The perfect breakfast for when you’re in a rush, or a midday snack to boost your five a day. However, while smoothies can be good, often they’re not. While there are plenty of nutrients in fruit, when you blend it and consume it as a drink, it can cause blood sugar spikes leading to hunger and even health conditions if you already have blood sugar issues. If you do want to enjoy smoothies, there are a few things to bear in mind. Mix equal amounts of fruit and veg, spinach and kale both taste fine providing you have a powerful blender to get it all smooth. Don’t add sugar, honey, or fruit juice to your mix. Go with water and a little natural yogurt for protein. Measure your portion to avoid overconsuming- it’s easily done when it comes to a drink. It might be full of nutrition, but calories are still calories and will cause weight gain if you eat too many!