Not Feeling Yourself? 7 Healthy Ways To Feel Your Best

Not Feeling Yourself? 7 Healthy Ways To Feel Your Best. Not feeling like yourself can be scary – at times it can feel like the fog won’t lift and you’ll never be happy again, depending on what you’re going through. Many people can experience a low mood for no reason at all, and others will experience things in life that trigger these feelings. Whatever the cause of feeling bad doesn’t matter; what matters is practicing healthy ways to feel your best once more. Many people turn to quick fixes to feel good again, such as junk food or even drugs, but these highs are short-lived and they do more harm than good. Below, we’ll go through 7 healthy ways to feel your best again:

  1. Try To Get Outside

Many people can feel down due to SAD, otherwise known as seasonal affective disorder. This disorder is a lot like depression, and many people suffer from it in wintertime due to not experiencing enough sunlight. Everybody needs sunlight, whether they have SAD or not – and a good dose of vitamin D, along with fresh air, can make the world of difference. Get outside however you can, even if you have to call a friend, or use a disability walker. Sitting on a bench in the sunlight could help, too. You don’t necessarily have to be walking.

  1. Come Up With A Nourishing Meal Plan For The Week Ahead

Eating nourishing foods nourishes not only the body but the soul. Why not come up with a meal plan filled with amazing, healthy foods for the week ahead? There are plenty of filling recipes online that will give you what your mind and body need to thrive.

  1. Arrange To See A Friend

Speaking to a friend can be like free therapy. If you want to talk things through, arrange a coffee date or call a friend over. Talking really does help, even if you find it difficult.

  1. Get Some More Sleep

Sleep is essential for the body. It changes the entire way we function. If we’re not getting enough sleep, we won’t be able to focus, our appetites will change, and we’ll likely experience stress and more. Try to add 30 minutes to your average sleep time, working your way up to 8 hours.

  1. Look Inward

Looking inward can give us all of the answers we need. Ask yourself what is really going on, and see what you come up with. You could even meditate with the help of a YouTube video.

  1. Make Time For Something That You Love

Having hobbies is great for our mental health. Doing things we love makes life worth living! Make time for these things, whether you love painting, reading, or something a little different, like archery!

  1. See A Doctor

If you’re still not feeling better after a few weeks, see a doctor. They may be able to recommend more solutions and figure out what’s really going on.

Life is all about peaks and troughs, and no matter how hard you try, you’re not always going to feel superhuman. Go easy on yourself.