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4 Ways To Teach Your Children About Saving Energy


Americans waste a shocking amount of energy in their homes each year. One 2016 report revealed that the average home wasted over 280 kilowatt-hours of energy per month; however, it is possible that homeowners are not aware of this waste. If you suspect your family is wasting energy, there are a few ways you can stop the bleed, especially when it comes to teaching your kids about the importance of saving energy and how it applies to their future.


1.    Combine Fun With Energy Education  


Your kids are probably not likely to enjoy sitting through a lecture about energy waste. However, making the process fun might prevent the information from going in one ear and out the other. Play games with younger kids that amuse and teach them at the same time. PBS offers a variety of science-based games that may help you teach your children about the importance of energy and where it comes from.


2.    Reward Conservation Efforts


Positive reinforcement can go a long way when it comes to encouraging your kids to conserve energy. For example, consider creating a chart with each child’s name in a separate row. For each day a child follows the house rules about conserving energy, such as turning off their bedroom lights when they leave the room, they get a star next to his or her name. At the end of the month, the child with the most stars earns a special treat. A reward system can be especially helpful for preteens, who may enjoy competing with their older siblings.


3.    Have a Lights Out Night


Once a month, sponsor a ‘lights out” night at your home. Turn off all the lights, appliances, and have everyone shut off their electronics for the evening. Then, organize a few fun activities, such as building a blanket fort and using energy-efficient lanterns to tell spooky stories or play board games by candlelight. These evenings can help teach all your kids about saving energy while you create memories they are sure to treasure later on.

4.    Teach Older Kids About the HVAC System


Preteens and teenagers are likely to complain about the house being too hot or too cold and might try to adjust your home’s thermostat without knowing how it works. However, doing so can result in a massive waste of energy or even a costly repair bill. Teaching your older kids how the thermostat works can prevent this and give them a lesson about energy costs at the same time. You can also learn more from this HVAC Company.


For example, the next time you have air conditioning experts come to clean or inspect your HVAC system, ask them to explain the workings of the thermostat to the family and how running the system at a certain temperature helps the unit work with more efficiency. The more your older kids understand about how the HVAC system expends energy, the less likely they might be to accidentally waste it.


Energy waste is an issue that families all over the country face every day. However, making the effort to teach your children about energy conservation can help you do your part to protect their future.