Bigger Living – Spacious Tips For Small Living Rooms


Wouldn’t it be great if we could live in a larger house? You’d have plenty of space for all your belongings and would still have more than enough room in which you can spread out on top of that! Unfortunately, moving to such a big house isn’t always possible, mainly down to budget constraints. But that’s no reason to feel so cramped in a small home. In fact, there are plenty of ways to add the illusion of space to your various rooms.


Take your living room for instance. This room can often get so full of pieces of furniture and clutter that it can very quickly feel a lot smaller than what it actually is. If you feel particularly cramped in yours as a result, you might find that it can be difficult to completely relax in the evenings. Thankfully, though, there are some great decor tips that can help you create a bit more space, even in the smallest of living rooms. Read on to find out more!


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Go For Open-Plan


One of the best things you can do to your small living room is to try to open it up into other rooms to create an open-plan space. This can be fairly easy to do, even if you do need to knock down a wall. Hiring a contractor can take part of this will make it even more convenient for you. Most people like to open up into their kitchen to create an open-plan kitchen-living space that they spend the majority of their time in. Of course, there might be some houses in which knocking down a wall and creating such a space isn’t possible. There is one way around this, though. If your living room is at the back of the house, you could just add some sliding glass patio doors so that it appears to open out into the garden. You might be surprised at how much space this appears to add to the room!



Let Light Shine Through


Another great reason to add some patio doors to your living room is that it will increase the amount of light that can shine into the room. Don’t worry if you can’t add these kinds of doors to your room – there are other ways to encourage light into the room. For instance, you might simply want to add some larger windows. Alternatively, you could just hang a mirror on the wall opposite your window. This will then reflect the light around the room, making it feel much brighter.




Choose Cool Colors


If you need to redecorate your living room, you should go for some cool colors. Ideally, whites and pale pastel shades will be the best ones. If you go for colors that are darker than these, you will find that they can be very oppressive and make your living room a lot darker and smaller than what it really is. So, to open up the room as much as possible, go for a cool color palette to keep the space light and airy.




Get Rid Of Clutter


This next step is really easy – you just need to tidy up! I’m sure that there is a lot of clutter in your living room that doesn’t really need to be in there. This is the same for most households – all of that clutter can build up too easily and before we even realize that it has! So, it’s worth tidying up and seeing what you can put into your storage units. This will be especially effective if it means removing clutter from your floor. You’ll then be able to see more of your floor, which can help to create the illusion of space.



Move Furniture Away From The Wall


If you have the space to do so, it’s worth bringing your furniture away from the wall slightly. Don’t worry, you don’t have to position your sofa right in the center of the room. However, leaving a couple of inches between it and the wall can help to make your living room look slightly bigger. It’s also worth mentioning that you should replace any over sized furniture. Sure, it was fashionable a few years ago, but now that trend is on the wane and it will only be taking up precious space in your room. When you need to replace furniture, make sure you always go with sleek and modest items.


Hopefully, all of these useful tips can help you make your small living room feel and look a lot bigger than what it actually is!


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