5 Renovations and Refurbishments to Transform Your Home into a Perfect Palace

You have lived in your home for many years now and you’ve got a bit bored of the peeling wallpaper, the tattered carpet, and the dated roof design. You have been saving up for a huge home makeover and the time has come for you to finally get started. Over the past few months, you have been looking for effective ways to renovate your space and you have managed to gather enough inspiration to make your interior and exterior décor dreams come true. Here are five fabulous elements that you might want to consider when you start your refurbishment project.

  1. Roof Renovation

When you moved into your home it was just perfect for you, but over time you have become increasingly eager to change up the entire design. The roof is the first place you want to start because it stands out like a sore thumb amongst the other chic and modern homes in your neighborhood. An architectural roofing system by Erie Metal Roofs will not only boost the beauty of your home, but it will also protect your property from damage in the future. Metal roofs are unique and will really bring a modern feel to your entire house.

  1. Perfect Paint

There is nothing that a good old fashioned lick of paint can’t do to an old and aging property. Instead of watching your wallpaper peel away at the edges you need to strip it all off and start over. Plain neutral walls are what every modern home needs; this means you can accessorize with any bits and bobs you want and they won’t clash. White, cream or beige walls mean that you could have a color popping red rug or a statement ornament on your mantelpiece without detracting from it at all.



  1. Living Space Luxury

Upgrade your sleeping-living room into a sophisticated sanctuary that you truly love spending time in. Get rid of your ancient sofas and indulge in the pure luxury and comfort that you deserve. Your living room should be kept minimal and sleek so that you don’t have to worry about growing clutter in the space.

  1. Garden Growth

Your garden has been neglected for several months and it’s time to shape it back up, ready for the summer months. If you’re working with a minimal budget then you don’t need to spend a tonne of money on renovations. Simply start a herb garden, plant some fabulous flowers and add modern lanterns to brighten up the backyard. Your friends will love visiting your home for lazy summer barbecues if your garden is looking gorgeous and grand.

  1. Wonderful Wood

Wood is the new black when it comes to interior fashion statements. Dark oak cherry wood or lighter pine will give your home the luxurious feel it needs. Wooden flooring is so much easier to maintain than carpet, so make sure you upgrade to wonderful wood during your makeover project.

Your picture perfect palace isn’t far from reach; just spruce up your garden, add a touch of glamour to your living space and upgrade your tired looking roof. Your home is bound to look show-stopping very soon.