When It Rains, It Pours, But Not In Your House

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Whether you love or hate winter, there’s something cozy about sitting at home when it rains. From the warm comfort of our houses, we love to listen to the rain on the windows, completed by the backdrop of a crackling fire. What is a better excuse there for locking the door and not going out? Surely even the sun-lovers amongst you can see the plus side of that?


The only trouble is, those cozy vibes can soon come crashing down if you don’t take action now to prepare for winter and the weather it brings. Fail to get on top here, and those gentle raindrops could soon become a torrent of unwanted water. Worse, you’ll quickly find that torrent inside your house! Hardly the snuggly vibe you were going for.

The good news is, while the weather is getting colder, there are still plenty of sunny days during which you can prepare for when it pours. So, stop stocking up on winter blankets and firewood already. Instead, spend one last day on your home’s exterior with these waterproof precautions.

Inspect your roof

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Inspecting a roof is never an easy task. However, most professionals advise you do this at least twice a year. Something as simple as a broken tile could lead to significant leaks into your attic space. During heavy downpours, these could soon become torrents of unwanted internal rain. Instead, then, get up on that ladder. You’re checking this early enough that you have plenty of time to take action. If you do spot anything, don’t hesitate to visit Dennis and Sons Roofing for roof repair resources, or search for others like them. By getting your call in now, you can bet your roof will be snug as a bug by the time the big rains come.

Get the paint out

Few of us consider that exterior paint does much to protect our houses. But, consider that this paint is a protective layer for everything from your siding to your home’s foundations. Cracked or crumbling paint can leave a chink in your armor where it matters most. What’s worse, you stand no chance of touching up paint once the wet season starts. Hence why you should make the most of these last rays of the sun for this. You don’t need to go crazy or turn this into a major job. Small touch-ups should be enough to keep you dry.

Clear your gutters

You may not need to do this now. Summer doesn’t usually take much toll on our rain gutters. But, as fall rolls around and leaves start to fall, you’ll also want to make sure you clean your gutters on a regular basis. Even small blockages here can lead to buildup when it rains. And, if the dam then breaks, you’re looking at a lot of water in one go. Even a well-maintained house would struggle to weather a tidal wave of those proportions. Make sure, then, that you keep the way clear so that water keeps flowing.

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