A Holiday Home At Home: The Essentials

Imagine being able to book flights to an exotic country and lay down your head without booking accommodation. For those with vacation properties abroad, the pipedream is a reality. For the rest of us, it is merely a dream. Still, there is no need to feel pity or jealousy because there are always shortcuts. Sure, it may not be a holiday home per say, but it will as if you are on the French Riviera. And, that is the most important thing. Perception is a reality, boys, and girls.


So, here are the tips you need to know to create a holiday home style at home. Enjoy!


Let There Be Light


The first thing you notice about a villa in Spain or a condo in Mexico is the light. These places are warm all year around, and it’s because of the sun bearing down on the property. As a result, UV rays bathe everything in the sunshine and you get a mood boost as a result. Too many houses in this country are dark and don’t allow light into the rooms. To change this, hire a custom glass install service and add more windows. Also, talk to a contractor about knocking down walls and opening up space.

Pooling Resources


It’s worth noting that a pool has its flaws. From a resale perspective, it generally doesn’t add a great deal of value. However, there isn’t a vacation home on the planet which doesn’t have swimming facilities. It’s the entire point of owning a house abroad – to chill out privately without any distractions. A paddling pool won’t do either because it has to be legitimate to get the right feel. If there isn’t enough space, then a hot tub is an excellent alternative. Be sure to add decking for contrast as well as extra safety.


Yawn On The Lawn


The interior of the property is important but you don’t have to do much differently. A little extra light and a nice smooth finish to the surfaces and the effect is perfect. Outside is where the magic happens as it’s where you’d spend your time on vacation. The pool is already on the to-do list, but don’t forget maintaining a pristine garden. Try and opt for a mix of green grass and hard, cold stone. Wood in the form of furniture works a treat too. There should be a place to sit and chill without any distractions.

The Overseer


Looking out at the view is something most of us can do on vacation. Why? It’s because there isn’t a balcony at home. It’s hard to see over houses and trees when there isn’t an elevated platform. Plus, the gallery is where people congregate and relax after a day of sightseeing or sunbathing on the beach. It’s a focal point in many regards. Usually, there isn’t much to add to a balcony due to a lack of space. However, you can fit them on, a table and chairs wouldn’t go amiss.


What do you think? Can you get that vacation feeling without actually going?

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