Yoga Moves For A Better Posture And Stronger Spine

Back pain is a, well, pain in the back. Due to the back being one of the largest parts of our body, when we suffer from back pain it can feel as if we can’t do anything at all with our day. However, before you give up and lie in bed for a week with a heat pack, there are some much better ways to heal your back and posture this year.

If you struggle with sitting up straight and you feel pain often in your back, the key is to strengthen the areas to make them able to cope with the strain your weight puts on them. Today we are going to go into detail about yoga stretches you can do to relieve and strengthen the area.

Mountain Pose

Mountain Pose is one of the most simple-looking poses you can do in yoga, and to outsiders, it can seem as if you are just standing up. However, getting the mountain pose right can take some time because you need to make sure you balance your center of gravity and don’t lock your knees. You must be able to stretch your back tall and straight and stand in a neutral position. It looks easier than it is, but it is perfect for improving your posture.

Tree Pose

The tree pose is one which forces you to balance and concentrate on keeping your spine straight. From a standing position, you need to lift one of your legs up and rest it on either your calf or your thigh. NEVER rest your leg against your knee. Place your hands above your head and relax into the pose. This is brilliant for aligning your spine and strengthening your core with small muscle movements.

Cat-Cow Pose

If you have back pain this can be a great pose to relieve the issue and stretch out those joints and muscles. From all four positions, you want to drop your back and lift your head, and then flow through to arching your back with your head pointing down. This is a soft-flowing yoga move that can do wonders for your flexibility and can release any air you have trapped in your back.

Standing Forward Fold

Standing forward fold is a glorified way of saying that you need to try and touch your toes. The key with this pose is understanding that you want to bend from the hips, not your back. Start in a standing position and raise your arms overhead, stretch forward, and sink inwards to allow your arms and legs to lie relaxed. You need to release your muscles and relax into the stretch the get the most out of this pose, and it will make a huge difference to you overall.

Downward Dog

This pose is one of the most well-known yoga poses of all and is one of those poses which is used often during a yoga flow as an act of rest. To complete this pose you will want to start in a plank position and lift your hips up and back to the sky. The key here is a stretch out your back as much as possible to improve your posture and straighten out your spine. Performing this pose for 10-15 seconds at a time can improve your flexibility and strength by a huge amount.

Cobra Pose

The cobra pose is a pose that aims to strengthen the back and also stretched out your abs. From lying on your front you need to place your arms flat on the ground and lift your chest up to the sky. Make sure to draw your shoulders back and squeeze your shoulder blades together to open up the chest.

Bow Pose

This pose is one of the harder ones on the list however it can be incredibly good for keeping your back strong and flexible. Start off lying on your stomach and lift both arms and legs up and back. Grab your feet with your hands and extend upwards to form a circle. This is a pose that can be incredibly good for strengthening your back and is ideal for your posture.

Warrior I

The Warrior poses are some of the most popular in yoga and can bring a number of different benefits to your body including balance, strength, and flexibility. Warrior I involves you standing with your front foot extended forward and your back foot pointing to the side. Face forward and extend your arms above your head before bending your knee to a 90-degree angle. It is a pose that requires your full attention and can help you to stand taller.

Reverse Warrior

Reverse warrior is a pose that can be perfect for stretching out the spine and relieving tough lower back pain. Start off by placing your feet in the warrior position and then stretching your arms out with one in front and one behind, as you would with Warrior II. Once you are in this pose you need to bend back and reach your back arm to your back leg, extending your front arm straight up. This pose takes a lot of balance and trust in yourself because you can’t see where you are standing, but with practice, it can be the ideal pose for your back.

Corpse Pose

The final pose might seem easy, but the corpse pose forces you to focus on relaxing every muscle in your body and making sure that your body is completely at ease. This is a pose you will want to hold for around 2 minutes before you roll yourself back up to seated. Lie down with your arms and legs in their most natural positions. Relax your entire body, clear your mind and take deep breaths. You will relax your back and allow the pressure to seep out of the space and relieve your pain overall. It is a pose you should try to complete every single day.