What You Need to Know Before Your Next Home Renovation

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Going through a home renovation can be pretty hard. Your home will be upside down, sometimes for months at a time and your relationship will probably be tested more than once! Not only that, but you’ll probably be met with some unexpected surprises along the way, some of which might not be particularly pleasant. It can be a lot to deal with which is why I’ve put together a list of some important things you need to know before embarking on a home renovation project…


Budgets are Almost Always Busted


You do the smart thing and get several quotes, you pick the most sensible one and you save up or take out a sensible loan from personalloan.co to cover the costs, only to find that when it comes to it, the job costs way more than you or anyone. Maybe the builders found asbestos and that pushed the price up or materials rose in price between getting the quote and having the work done – whatever the cause, there can be no bigger headache than having to scramble to find enough money to have the job completed. So, if you can, always make provision to have at least 10-15 percent more cash available than the highest quote. This could really save your life.


You Probably Will Make Changes


Although many homeowners know exactly what they want a renovation to look like and they stick rigidly to their plans, many people find that as the job progresses, they want to make little changes to get the layout absolutely right. This will also alter the price of the work and it could add time to the job, so be prepared for that possibility too.

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Renovations are Never Perfect


You may have ideas in your head about creating your dream home and installing that beautiful marble kitchen that looks so amazing or installing that spiral staircase that really showcases the hallway, but it’s never going to be as perfect as you imagined. Unless you have a celebrity-sized budget and the time and patience to keep renovating and perfecting the work, then your vision isn’t going to be 100 percent realized, and actually, none of us, even architects and interior designers, ever think of everything so perfection is pretty impossible and that is okay. If you try to achieve perfection, you could end up thousands of dollars down, very upset and have lots of arguments with your spouse, the builders, and…well pretty much everyone who crosses your path really. Is it really worth it?

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You’ll Need to Keep Track


Even if you hire the best, most reliable contractors there are, there are going to be times when they don’t listen to what you have to say, or remember it, and when they simply lose track of what they’re doing. If you have everything written into a contract and you take notes of what materials have been purchased as well as what has an has not been done yet, there’ll be fewer disputes and you’ll all be able to keep on top of the renovation for a stress-free job (well as stress-free as any renovation can get anyway).


Good luck with your home makeover.