How to Look Good When Exercising Outdoors

While in the winter we have limited options where to exercise, and usually hit the gym a few times a week to try every machine and catch up with our classes, when the weather starts warming up, new opportunities come knocking. From doing your daily yoga routine in your garden or on your terrace to jogging and playing tennis, Badminton, or simply taking a long walk, you can make your exercise routine more exciting. If, however, you are self-conscious, you’ll want to look great in your outdoor exercise gear. Find a few tips below.

Allow Vitamin D to Be Absorbed

You want to leave some skin exposed to the sun while exercising outside. One of the vitamins we cannot get enough of is Vitamin D. It is naturally absorbed by the skin from the sunshine. Choose clothing that is loose fitting, and doesn’t cover every part of your body. Get some ideas on two-third jogging pants on Instagram and choose the style that fits you perfectly and makes you feel good about yourself. Wear light colors in the sun, so you don’t get too hot while working out.


Whatever you’re doing, you need to protect your skin. Even if you are using a yoga mat or exercise foam, you can get scrapes and burns.  Make sure you choose your leggings according to the weather and choose breathable materials when working out outside. Moreover, it is important that you apply compression wherever you need to protect your veins. If you are self-conscious, you can opt for baggy yoga trousers or jogging pants.

Push-Up Tops

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Whatever your workout routine is, you will want to look good. Whether you are jogging or playing tennis, you can find the right fit. Women are generally conscious about their breasts being visible during exercise, and padded exercise tops are great to help you overcome this problem. You might also want to add a lightweight long T-shirt to your exercise outfit, so you can focus on the exercise and not what people are thinking.

Shoes Matter

While you might think that a simple designer trainer will do the job whatever you’re doing, it is not the case. In fact, support is extremely important, and different levels of protection are needed when you jog, hike, or play tennis. If you are not happy with your posture or suffer from a fallen arch, you will need to get supportive insoles that will make you look better in your shoes and protect your spine while exercising. When it comes to color, you can choose one that matches your personality and the style of your clothing.

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Whether you enjoy playing frisbee in the park, walking the dog, or tackling your local mountains, you will benefit from improved results exercising outside. Choose your outdoor clothing according to your style and exercise routine. However, if you are self-conscious, opt for a loose fitting, breathable top or a vest over your clothes, so you don’t have to worry about exposing too much of your body.

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