The Best International Cuisines For Vegetarians

Lots of vegetarians think that traveling will be made especially difficult because of their special dietary restrictions. They think that it will be difficult to find vegetarian-friendly restaurants and cafes in a foreign country and that they could very easily end up eating meat by mistake.

Thankfully, though, that is rarely the case, and most countries are actually quite welcoming to non-meat eaters. But, before you set off on your travels, it’s worth trying to cook some international cuisines in your own home to try and get a sense of the different meals you can come to expect on your travels. Here are some ideas for some very vegetarian-friendly cuisines. Why not head off to one of these countries if you really enjoy their cooking?!


The Best International Cuisines For Vegetarians

Most Asian cuisines are perfect for vegetarians as there are lots of vegetarian and vegan options. Thai cuisine is no different, and you will find that there are lots of different vegetable curries that you might want to try. In fact, just like with curries from China and Japan, you can easily substitute the meat in a recipe for some veggies or tofu. In fact, sweet potato and aubergine work very well in Thai curries indeed!


The Best International Cuisines For Vegetarians

Japan is known for all of its great seafood dishes, so it’s ideal if you are a pescetarian. But even if you would prefer not to eat fish, there are still recipes you can choose. In fact, sushi doesn’t have to contain any fish at all! California sushi rolls are made without fish, for example. If you like the idea of making ramen too, you will also be able to find plenty of veggie recipes by doing a quick Google search.

Middle Eastern

The Best International Cuisines For Vegetarians

Have you ever tried Middle Eastern cuisine? It’s really yummy and features a lot of vegetarian staples, such as hummus and flatbreads. People from the Middle East also eat lots of great salads, such as tabbouleh and fattoush, which you should find easy enough to prepare yourself at home. In fact, Middle Eastern cuisine is so good for vegetarians, that it is even a great option for vegans. Even though most recipes call for cheeses, especially goat’s cheese, vegans can leave this out to enjoy a plant-based meal.


The Best International Cuisines For Vegetarians

Spanish is renowned for a cuisine that focuses a lot on meats. After all, the country is famous for its ham and most dishes contain chicken, pork, or seafood. Thankfully, though, it can be incredibly simple to turn some traditionally meat-heavy dishes into delicious vegetarian creations. For instance, when it comes to Spain’s famous paella, you just need to leave out any of the meat and seafood mentioned in the recipe. Spanish omelets are also easily transformed into vegetarian meals – you just need to leave out any meat and replace it with some extra veggies!

As you can see, then, there are loads of vegetarian-friendly international cuisines you can try cooking at home. Hopefully, your favorite might even inspire you to travel to the destination to try authentic versions of traditional dishes!

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