Texas Pete Hot Sauce Perfect for Chili Dogs

Texas Pete Hot Sauce Perfect for Chili Dogs. Is it just me or am I the only one thinking ahead of tailgate parties?  Sometimes I start planning them a year in advance.  Football is a big part of our family’s lifestyle.

I am in charge of the chili for our tailgating party so each year I work on a new twist to my recipe to make that perfect chili for our hot dogs. I love trying different products to make the perfect chili, and since I do not like heartburn, I have found that making it from scratch is my best method and the one that gets the most raves. Of course, my secret is the Texas Pete Hot Sauce. Without it my recipe is bland but the minute I add it everyone comments on how awesome it is.

Here is my secret recipe for making the best tailgating chili ever…

2 pounds of hamburger meat sauteed with onion a little garlic salt, salt, and pepper. (Cook until fully cooked then drain grease).

Texas Pete Hot Sauce Perfect for Chili Dogs

1 Can Tomato paste, about 4 to 5 tomatoes, I love using fresh chopped up.

Chili powder to taste, more salt and pepper.

I used dried kidney beans, soak for one hour, boil for one hour drained, and then add to the sauce. (they need to cook for about 90 minutes to be fully cooked).

Texas Pete Hot Sauce Perfect for Chili Dogs

Add about 10 drops of Texas Pete’s Hot Sauce.

Stir and let cook on low for about two hours. I usually add about 5 – 10 more drops of Texas Pete before serving. This gives it the best flavor.

We use Texas Pete’s Hot Sauce on just about everything from grilled oysters to Bloody Marys. This flavor is good with everything! If you are looking for something not too hot with a good flavor that everyone will enjoy then you need to try it!

We also like to use it on wings, soak the wings in the Texas Pete overnight and then grill them with a little salt and they are a hit, especially at our tailgates.