Must Try Street Foods That Have Gone Gourmet

Must Try Street Foods That Have Gone Gourmet. Street food has experienced a major boom in popularity in recent years, with dedicated street food markets and more trucks popping up all over the world selling elevated versions of the sort of food you used to only buy after a few beers. This surge in popularity also means that the foods themselves have gone somewhat upmarket. Some foods you’d usually buy from a vendor on a street corner are worth going gourmet for. Here are the ones that nobody should miss out on.

Scotch Eggs

This UK favorite was once a cheap snack popular at picnics. Now, however, these treats are a staple of popular, trendy dining. Inside of cheap sausage meat and small, over-cooked eggs, they’re now made with quail eggs, quality meat, and unusual extras like black pudding, curry spices, or different meats. 


Must Try Street Foods That Have Gone Gourmet

Forget stale pretzels and instead buy quality, like the options from Eastern Standard Provisions. Pretzels now come made from the best ingredients, with toppings from chocolate sugar to chili salt.

Fried Chicken

Fried chicken has long been a favorite snack after a night out, but it’s gone much further than the classic secret blend of herbs and spices from the colonel. Fried chicken can now be found on the menus of upmarket venues, except now the chicken is Korean or Japanese. It comes with kimchi or is cooked in the garage style. Try different styles and flavors to find the kind of fried chicken you like best. 

Hot Dogs

A hot dog was once a snack of questionable origin, eaten with cheap mustard at the baseball game. Now, dedicated hot dog shops offer options made with high-quality dogs piled high with extravagant toppings. Your hot dog might come topped with all the trimmings of your favorite Mexican dish, a Vietnamese Banh Mi, or all the makings of a great breakfast. There are even great vegan hot dogs available on the market now. 

Mac and Cheese

Forget the stuff your Mom made on busy nights that came out of a box. Macaroni Cheese has gone gourmet. Expect well-cooked pasta loaded with multiple kinds of fancy cheese, and topped with delicious things like chorizo, a fried egg, and even truffle. This indulgent treat has got even more indulgent. 


Must Try Street Foods That Have Gone Gourmet

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you’ll know that burgers are having a serious moment after a gourmet upgrade. You can find burgers using aged beef, wagyu, truffle, and so many toppings you can hardly eat them on most menus. Even Michelin-star chefs are adding burgers to their menus, which is a clear sign that a burger is no longer just a snack to be ordered from a van. 

Dirty Fries

Forget ordering a bag of fries on your way home from the bar. Dirty fries, whether they’re topped with nachos and sour cream or truffle shavings and parmesan, are here to stay. No self-respecting foodie would dream of missing out on the offering of dirty fries at their favorite eateries.