6 Reasons Nobody Is Interested In Your House

Selling your house is a long process and you need to be prepared to wait a while before you find a buyer who’s willing to give you a good offer. But if you’ve been at it for months and months and you still haven’t had any interest at all, there might be some underlying issues with the house. There are certain things that will always put a buyer off and if you don’t sort these problems out, you’re never going to sell the place. Before you start looking at the house, you should speak with your real estate agent and ask whether there is anything else they could be doing. In some cases, they might be prioritizing other properties and not working that hard to promote your place. You might find that changing real estate agent will solve the problem. But if that still doesn’t work, you need to look out for these common reasons why your house isn’t selling.

The Price Is Too High

This is the most obvious reason that people won’t make an offer. You’ll have a figure in mind, of course, but you need to check whether that’s actually realistic. Have a look at other similar properties that are for sale in your area. If you’re asking for way more than they are, why would a buyer go for your house and not one of the others? The simple answer is, they wouldn’t. It might be disappointing to sell the house for less than you thought you’d get, but if the price isn’t competitive, you’ll never find a buyer.

Bad Photos

Before people even get to the house, they’ll look through photos of properties online to find one that they like the look of. If nobody is calling up for a viewing, it might be because the photos on the listing really aren’t selling the house. If they aren’t taken properly, they can make the house look dark and dingy or smaller than it really is. The best thing to do is get some friends or family to look at the listing and tell you whether it’s an accurate representation of your house. If it isn’t, you need to speak to your real estate agent and get them to take some more. When you’re getting photos of the house, you need to think about what the major selling points are and highlight those in the pictures.

Now that you’ve got the pictures sorted, you might start to get more viewings. But what if people are coming to see the house but none of them are making offers?

A Cold House

Nobody wants to live in a house that’s going to be freezing cold all the time and potential buyers will take notice of the temperature when they’re looking around the place. If you’ve noticed that your house is cold, you need to do something about it before you start showing people around. There are plenty of cheap fixes to a cold house that will make it far easier to sell the place. Putting up thick curtains, moving furniture that is blocking radiators, and maybe putting some extra insulation in the walls will all make the home feel nice and warm.

High Utility Bills

Utility bills are on the rise so buyers will often ask about how much it costs to run the house every month. If your utility bills are especially high, that’s really going to put people off. This is often linked to having a cold house because you’re going to be paying a lot of money to heat the place. If you’ve made those small changes, that should help out, but you might need to do more. Old windows and doors are one of the biggest culprits when it comes to high energy bills so consider replacing them with some good quality energy efficient ones like Renewal by Andersen windows. You’d be surprised just how much money you’ll save on your energy bills while you’re still living there and it’ll make it so much easier for you to sell the house. You should also look at any appliances that you’ve got in the house because they can cost a lot to run as well. Older appliances are incredibly inefficient and they’ll use a lot of electricity. But if you swap them out with some new ones, they won’t cost anywhere near as much to run every month. It’s a bit of an investment but it’ll be worth it if it helps you to sell your house.

It’s Too Personal

Putting your own stamp on a house is important if you want it to feel like a home, but it can hurt your chances when you’re trying to sell the place. Not everybody has the same tastes as you and if the house is decorated in a way that they just don’t like, they won’t be able to imagine themselves living there. It’s not always a huge problem because people are going to decorate after they move in any way, but it can impact their decision. When you’re showing people around, you need to help them imagine themselves living there, that’s why the house should be a blank canvas. Repaint the walls so they’re a fairly neutral color and try to get rid of some of the junk in the house. If it’s filled with all of your stuff, that’ll make it look smaller as well.

It Isn’t The Right Time To Sell

Sometimes, it’s not a problem with the house, it’s just that the market is slow right now. When the market picks up, people are going to be put off by a house that’s been on the market for months. The first thing they’ll wonder is, what’s wrong with it? If the market is particularly slow right now, it’s worth taking it off the market for a while. When things pick up again, you can put it back on the market and you’ll have more success.

Selling your house is never going to be easy so don’t worry if it’s been a few months. But if you just aren’t getting any interest at all, you should make some of these changes.