How To Know When A Move Is Appropriate



We all know that one day we might move homes. We might have a rough plan to live in a certain number of countries by a certain age, or before you settle down. You might be moving to settle down or after a long period of doing so. However, it’s not always easy to know the exact date and time for when this might happen. Before you know it, a decade has flown by, and you haven’t the same sense of urgency that you once held. Of course, any taste and preference for moving are fine. But, if you’re interested in a move, it can pay to know when the best time to do this is.


We’d suggest that the following criteria could help you come to this decision:


Social Links Have Dried Up


It might be that you’ve noticed your friend is moving away, or that despite your efforts, you have yet to meet anyone on your wavelength for a while. This can often happen when the kids have flown the nest, and now you have little reason to meet adults your own age in an artificial manner. Making new friends actively at forty-five or older can feel a little intense, even if you’re interested in new hobbies. Sometimes things just don’t click, and it might take that feeling of an energized fresh start to get you going once more. It’s important to take this into real consideration.


You Catch Yourself Fantasizing


This point might sound quite comical – but it happens to people all the time. If you’ve noticed yourself thinking often about what living in a certain area might be like, of daydreaming your days away in foreign locations, or simply wishing you had a little more home space, it might be indicative that you’re ready to move on.


Of course, some fantasies might be more subtle than others. You might simply feel an urge to work on a new garden space until and through your retirement years, or you might actually have dreamt out the entire process of utilizing the best and most affordable movers to careful bring your belongings from one coast to another. Fantasizing is a good suggestion that things currently seem stale, and you need to pick yourself up with thoughts of how things could be different. So why not make them different?


House Values Are Dropping


Of course, moving home is as much a financial decision as it is a decision undertaken out of convenience, emotion or desire. That means if you’ve noticed that house values are dropping near you, or that the local authority has declared its intent to build even more homes in close proximity to yours, it might be worth selling now before the goings on in the area, unfortunately, cause you to lose even more of your potential asset wealth. This can mean acting quickly will help you find a better place worth more in the future, as months can often lead to thousands lost. Of course, this isn’t to frighten you, just a gentle reminder to keep an eye on your house valuation. If you’re lucky it might go up, allowing you to take advantage of a summer peak.


With these simple considerations, you might consider yourself a little more compatible with the idea of moving than before.

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