The Health Checks To Make As You Approach The Big 40

The Health Checks To Make As You Approach The Big 40. Keeping yourself in peak physical condition is one thing as you get older, but as you approach the big 4-0, it’s so much more than just ensuring you hit the gym a couple of times a week! There are so many other little components to keep in check, not least, your mental health. But what are the major health checks to get in place when you approach the big 4-0?

Your oral health

It’s surprising how many people aren’t registered with an orthodontist! As far as your health is concerned, you’d be surprised as to how much it can affect other aspects of your health. Gum disease is something that can creep up on you when in your late 30s or early 40s, but also, something like flossing can help to get rid of plaque, which, if left untreated, could lead to heart disease, believe it or not! Looking after your oral health is not just about brushing your teeth, but about having adequate hygiene, and even those little things that can make all the difference. For example, if you are partial to a sugary drink, having a swill of water afterward becomes a worthwhile habit!

Fixing your sleep

We are certainly in the middle of a sleep epidemic. We all need time to recharge, and even if we decide to skip a couple of hours of sleep every night, this certainly amounts to a major risk of health problems like strokes, hypertension, as well as obesity. When you don’t make sleep a priority, this is what will age you terribly! It’s not a difficult thing, but also, ensuring that you start to get into a good bedtime routine helps you unwind properly. We live in an age where everything is going a mile a minute, and we don’t have proper time to relax. Fixing your sleep, not just in terms of the quantity you sleep, but the quality, will work for you in so many ways.

Getting out more

There is nothing we all like more than getting home from work, flopping in front of the television, and drifting off into a nice slumber, but we spend so much of our daytime being sedentary, due to the vast majority of us being in the office jobs. We need to find ways to get out more, especially for those people who work in an office. It certainly depends on your career, because if you do run around constantly, you are more than deserving of your break in front of the television! But if not, you’ve got to keep yourself healthy in other ways and get out more. Going for a walk isn’t just great for your metabolism, your heart, and your frame of mind, but getting out in the sunshine gives you a bit more vitamin D, ensuring that you can fight off infections that little bit quicker.

Getting off your phone

In addition to a lack of sleep, being addicted to our phones is, arguably, one of the biggest modern epidemics. When you look back to when you were a child, and a smartphone was not in existence, what did you do instead? Because it’s now become such a habit that we reach for our phone even if it hasn’t vibrated, that dopamine hit we get is becoming one of the major cravings. If we get off our phones, we will live our lives in far more fulfilling ways. If you see yourself checking your phone for no real reason, ask yourself: is it worth looking at? Ultimately, if you want to check social media, you can do it later on, not in front of your children. And for those who already understand what they shouldn’t be doing in front of their kids, it’s never too early to undergo a social media detox! We all do it, but of course, we have a choice as to whether we want to go down that rabbit hole, or focus on the here and now!

Fixing your diet

It’s all those sweet treats, that, as we get older we can find ourselves reaching for, either because we’re trying to find less detrimental vices than alcohol, but sugar is such an addictive substance that it fires the same brain receptors as cocaine! Fixing your diet is about numerous components, especially all the cliched ones, but also about fixing your blood sugar. Once you start to fix your diet, you will feel better about yourself. You could find it takes 30 minutes or so off your sleep, and you’ll have more time to enjoy your 40s. This is where life begins, as they say. Of course, fixing your diet is often easier said than done, but there’s plenty of health out there, and a great example is Huddle Men’s Health, so why not start your new diet today?