How To Vamp Up Fitness Levels When You’ve Been Lacking On Motivation

How To Vamp Up Fitness Levels When You’ve Been Lacking On Motivation. Falling back on your exercise regime can be lethal. It’s all too easy to fall into an unhealthy routine and ditch the exercise plans that you’d had. However, it’s important to stay fit and healthy to prevent health problems arising. Here are some awesome tips on how to vamp up your fitness levels when you’ve been lacking on motivation so that you can get your body and mind back in the game.

Use visual aids

A great way of ensuring that your mind stays focused on the goal that you’re after is by using visual aids. Perhaps you’ve got an image of yourself that you aspire to be like again? Take a now photo and put it alongside your goal picture and you’ll soon find yourself remembering why you wanted to do it in the first place.


Or, maybe you’ve been thinking about joining a charity race and want to be as fit as possible for it? Keep flyers around the place and remind yourself of how long you’ve got left to train yourself up!

Don’t do it alone

While some people work out just fine on their own, it’s easy to tell yourself that you’ll ‘go tomorrow’. If you work out in a group of people, not only do you have less chance of backing out, but you’ll also have fun while you’re doing it! Perhaps you could start a basketball team? It’s an active and fun sport that everyone can get on board with! This will ensure that you not only attend for your teammates but for you too! Don’t forget that getting reversible basketball jerseys for the team will help towards your motivation levels too!

You don’t need to go to the gym

When people think of exercising, their mind is likely to divert to the idea of running on a treadmill for hours in the gym. This definitely doesn’t have to be the case. So, if you’re shying away from your regime because of social anxiety, there’s no need to worry as you can work out pretty much anywhere. Anything that gets your heart rate higher than normal and makes you feel out of breath is exercising. Why not get creative and use a few items around your home to help aid your work out?

Celebrate every victory

Finally, one massive mistake that people make when creating a work out regime is setting their goals so high that it almost feels out of reach. While it’s important to have an end goal set, you should also set smaller goals and also celebrate every victory. For example, if you were to say, beat your personal best on a lap around the block – celebrate it! You will find that you’re more motivated to get out there and do it again!

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