The Basement RoomTurning It Into One Of The Highlights Of Your Home

The Basement RoomTurning It Into One Of The Highlights Of Your Home. If you like doing some DIY, but feel there are parts of the house that seem like an insurmountable task…  You might do your best to avoid them. But the fact of the matter is, by making these little upgrades to your home, you are benefiting the overall value of the place. One of the most valuable aspects of any home now is a basement. If you’ve got a room under the main part of the house, but it’s there purely for storage (and possibly a washer-dryer), you need to make the most of it. Let’s turn that underused space into one of the best rooms in your house. 

Insulating The Space

One of the big problems with the basement is that it can be prime fodder for floods. But there’s an easy way around this, by sufficiently insulating the space through the flooring. You can easily put an extra layer of concrete on the space, but if you tend to avoid the basement for this very reason, there are ways around ensuring that it is free from flooding. It all depends on the lay of the land, but it’s always worth getting in contact with a specialist so you can understand what’s going to work for your property and what isn’t. As soon as you protect the space, you can do so many different things with it… 

Turning It Into An Extra Bedroom

As there are many of us looking to make extra money out of a spare room, especially through accommodation sites like Airbnb, using that basement and turning it into an extra room for lodgers, or even family members, is a very simple and effective option. You might think that a basement doesn’t lend itself well to a vibrant and colorful space. But, because there is a lack of sunlight in basement rooms, this means you’ve got to work hard at providing color and vibrancy. It is possible. You can use the lighting, but also, paint the space brighter colors to help create that shiny sensation. And never underestimate the power of reflective materials. A lot of people need to reflect light into a dull space, so having brass, silver, as well as an abundance of mirrors in the space, can more than make up for that lack of light. 

A Rumpus Room

The fact of the matter is if you are lucky enough to have a basement, turning it into some sort of entertainment area is an essential option. If you’ve got family members that run riot around the house, especially during the summer vacation months, setting up a room for them to congregate will mean a more peaceful household. A rumpus room can house so many different things. From a pool table to a television, or just somewhere for all of those toys to live, a basement can be whatever you want it to be. 

A basement can be overlooked because it might not be viewed as safe, but if you work at installing durable walls, ensuring that the place is properly ventilated, and decorating it in tune with the rest of your home’s aesthetic, you can turn the basement into one of the highlights of the home.