5 Ways to Secure Your Home

5 Ways to Secure Your Home. Home security is a growing concern for many people who invest heavily in their household products and valuables. Unfortunately, burglars are also becoming more sophisticated; using new technologies, they are better able to monitor homes and break into them when they can be sure they are unoccupied. Here’s how to make your home more secure. 

Lock your doors 

We’re all familiar with locking our doors when we leave the house or go on vacation, but how many of us make an effort when we’re in the house as well? It might seem a bit counterintuitive to lock the doors when you’re at home, but it helps make your home secure. 

You don’t want any surprises when you’re relaxing in your sitting room, a stranger in the house, for instance, so get into the habit of turning the key when you get home, and you can relax. Getting into this habit is also useful because it trains you to remember to lock up. 

Landscape your garden 

A house with a lot of trees and bushes outside is a burglar’s dream; it allows them to crouch beneath windows unseen and work away at the window frame or the door. It also provides some cover for them to escape if they are spotted. 

You can eliminate this natural environment for burglars by landscaping your garden and ensuring there are no extraneous trees and bushes outside your doors and windows. Instead, position these features closer to the bottom of the garden. 

Keep products out of sight 

When scoping out a neighborhood, burglars look for trees and bushes outside windows to provide them with cover; the other thing they look for is the potential the property offers in terms of occupation and products available. So don’t put your products on display. 

If you have an expensive television, computer, or sound system, make sure that you can’t see it from the street. If you happen to injure yourself with a product while you are moving it, consider applying for compensation with a product liability attorney and get what you deserve. 

Invest in security 

Nowadays, there are all kinds of security infrastructure you can invest in to protect your home. Everything from alarm systems to motion-detecting lights will help keep your property secure while you are at home or on vacation.

It’s always a good idea to have a security system that triggers when you experience a break-in; these days, you can find security systems that also alert you while you are away, either by text message or phone call. Security lights are also an effective deterrent. 

Make your home look occupied

One of the signs burglars look for when assessing a street is whether the house looks occupied or not. They might look for lights coming on and off, mail piling up at the door or letterbox, and general property maintenance. 

If you’re heading off on vacation – even if it’s only for a few days – make sure you have your lights on timers so that lights come on and off regularly. You can also enlist the help of a neighbor to clean your letterbox of letters and your path or snow or leaves. 

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