Providing Assistance for Aging Parents

Providing Assistance for Aging Parents. Sadly, as we get older, our bodies aren’t in the same condition as they once were. Time and aging can take their toll on our bodies, and in time it may become apparent that you need extra assistance.

As people live longer, well into their 80s and 90s, it is becoming increasingly popular to provide extra support to people as they live through their golden years.

If you have parents who are feeling the effects of aging but want to regain their independence, there are many ways you can support them to allow them to live a whole and happy life.

Assess Their Needs

Firstly you need to assess what exactly they need help with and where. It could be they need extra support when out and about or managing stairs and different levels within their home. Or it could be physical health they need help with, such as managing health concerns or conditions.

Look at what they are realistically able to do themselves and what changes or adaptations they will need to live their lives the way they want to.

What Help Can You Offer

Next, you need to be realistic about the help and support you can personally offer. If you can help them with most of their needs, you can limit the amount of external help you require for their care.

However, if you live across the country and cannot visit frequently, you need to look at other options, such as in-home care from Trilogy Care to provide the extra support and assistance required.

Be Honest

It is incredibly important that your parents, as much as possible, are included in the decisions about their care. Even if you feel they will be hesitant or resist any provisions you put in place. Of course, in the event of deteriorating mental capacity, you will need to gain legal powers to take over their care and decisions affecting them. Still, if this isn’t required, you need to make sure you are open about how you feel and why you think they need care if it comes to an amicable agreement.

Discuss Finances

The care and support you can provide will largely depend on the finances available. You need to be confident you can afford adjustments being put in place and know the implications of contracts you sign for this care.

Ascertaining your parents or your own financial situation can help you identify if you will qualify for assistance from Government programs or Medicaid.

Address Safety Issues

Safety issues can arise because the home they live in is in a poor state of repair due to not being physically or financially able to make the repairs. It can be that their physical limitations are preventing them from navigating their home safely. Or they do not have the room to accommodate any health needs or support, such as being unable to leave home due to difficulty with external stairs.

Make plans to amend anything you are able to and look for resolutions to other problems you can, such as installing ramps to allow for easier access instead of stairs.

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