Are You Accident Prone? How To Steer Clear Of Injuries

Are you accident prone? Are you one of those people who can list the bones you’ve broken, or have you spent countless hours in the Emergency Room waiting area? Some people are more susceptible to accidents than others. While some incidents are inevitable, it may be possible to improve your safety record and keep injuries at bay by adopting these simple rules.


Look where you’re going

This may seem like the most obvious pearl of wisdom in the world, but think about how often you give the sidewalk, the stairwell or the corridor in front of you your full attention. Are you always aware of your surroundings, or do you tend to get distracted easily? These days, it’s very common to see people walking around while texting, surfing the net or listening to music. If you’re distracted, you’re more likely to get injured. When you’re crossing roads, going up or down the stairs or walking around the city at rush hour, keep your eyes on the path ahead. This will help to cut the risk of slips and trips, and hopefully, help you to stay injury-free.

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Take note of warning signs

Business owners have a duty to protect their staff and also their customers. If you’re out shopping, and you spot a sign that says ‘wet floor,’ proceed with caution. This sign is there to help to reduce the risk of falls. If you ignore advisory notices, you may find yourself nursing broken bones or swollen joints. If you come across a hazard, which isn’t marked, in a public place, notify a member of staff so that it can be addressed. If you’ve been injured due to negligence on behalf of a business owner, you have a right to claim compensation, and it’s wise to seek legal advice from attorneys like those from Stewart J Guss. Bear in mind that health and safety regulations are there to protect you, so don’t dismiss notices or assume that you’ll be fine even if a hazard has been pointed out.

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Take your time

Did you know that more than 30,000 lives are lost to unexpected falls every year in the US? While many falls are caused by obstacles and uneven or slippery surfaces, rushing can also put you at risk of injury. If you’re in a hurry, especially if the weather is bad, or there are lots of people around, you may find that you’re more likely to fall or trip. If you’re catching a train or you’re on your way to a meeting, give yourself plenty of time to get there, watch where you’re going and wear comfortable shoes that will give you grip.

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Falls are the most common type of accident in the US. If you’re prone to accidents and injuries, it may be possible to try and change your fortunes. Always watch where you’re going when you’re walking or jogging, try not to rush around, and take note of warning signs and posters that point out potential hazards and dangers.