Help Your Furnishings Last Forever

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Once upon a time, when you bought furniture for your home, you could only buy quality. It was a time where craftsmen were whittling high-end tidbits because everything needed to be handmade. But those days have slipped into the sands of time thanks to this, that and t’other and we’re left with the temptation of buying the cheaper option despite that little voice at the back of our brains saying, “buy cheap and you buy twice.”


But what if there was a way to get the best of both worlds. What if you could kit your home out with things that would last forever without costing the world or, better yet, make what you have last forever – more or less.


Well, without further ado, here are our top tips for doing just that:


  1. The Best Ikea Hack

Ikea is the undisputed champions of flat-pack furniture. They absolutely are. But while their furniture is effortlessly stylish, it isn’t bought for longevity. It always needs retightening, which is why you should add a thin layer of wood glue to the outside of your dowels. Not the ends, just the sides. Sure, there will be no disassembling after this, but you won’t need to with furniture this sturdy.


  1. Sofas Are Forever

The sign of a good sofa is one that gets better with age. You wear it down until it fits your perfectly, like a pair of Doc Marten boots. This isn’t the case with inexpensive couches. Instead, their cushions get a bit slouching. But there is a simple solution: either fluff up the stuffing inside or, better yet, add some extra stuffing of your own.


  1. Opt For Long Lasting

Nothing hurts more than that kick in the teeth of buying cheap but having to replace often. It’s things like buying replacement blades for your razor, batteries for the TV remote or bulbs for your every lamp. For the latter, you want to learn more from about their hot hit because this lamp stops you getting stung later on. The bulbs last for 12,000 hours and they use 80% less electricity. That’s epic.


  1. Safe From Sofa Spills

We’ve all been hurt by a moment of pure “uh oh” where we’ve accidentally spilled something on the sofa  – something oily or greasy – and then had to live with the pain of a noticeable stain. Thankfully, there is a cure. Instead of rubbing at it with a cloth, what you need to do is a dab at it with some kitchen towel to soak it up, then sprinkle on some baking soda to get the last bits and then vacuum it off about ten minutes later. Voila. Your sofa has been saved.


  1. The Wibble Wobble Chair

Another first world problem we all have to deal with at some stage in our lives is the wibbly-wobbly chair or table. You know the one; with the legs, you can’t fix. Well, you can. It’s just a matter of fixing them in place with a couple of inexpensive corner brackets. It’s so simple.