Nailing That Luxury Hotel Bedroom Feeling At Home

You know the feeling of walking into a luxury hotel room? The flowers dotted around the suite, the decedent carpet that you can bury your toes into. The bedding, correctly made, perfectly pressed and just waiting for you to snuggle down into. It is quite unlike anything else in the world. Knowing that for the next few days, or the next couple of weeks you don’t have to lift a finger. The bed will be made daily (and not by you!), the carpet cleaned, and the room will remain pristine. But, how do you extend that feeling, that luxury into your own home? Although you would be making your own bed, recreating the feeling of being utterly pampered isn’t as difficult as you might think.


Think Color & Texture

The hotel room likely had a very minimal color palette, and the color pops tend to come from two things: The artwork on the wall and the view from the window. Unless you were staying in a boutique hotel (usually massive on the color and design). Go ahead and take some photos or Google luxury hotel rooms. When it comes to the texture you’re going to be looking at smooth, cool marble, velvets, silks, heavy woven cotton, shag carpets. It can almost feel like being inside a lovely cocoon. You don’t need to splash out on all of those luxury materials. The big two you should consider is the carpet and the bedding. In fact, you can buy hotel bedding from Richard Haworth that will match the exact feeling you are trying to recreate.


Strip it Back

You’ll find that no matter how much a hotel room cost you, there are very few things in there. It’s all about the bare minimum. It might feel like you will never be able to get that at home, however, purchase some smart storage in your chosen color palette and you’ll find that magically any clutter is tidied away, giving the illusion of more floor space and a lot less stuff. That is not to say that it shouldn’t still be a welcoming and personal space, but a little bit of a tidy can bring all kinds of peace.


Softly Does it

We talked about the texture of the more significant items already, but there is much more to cover. Blankets should be of the highest quality that you can afford, in wools, cotton, chenille and even faux fur. If you haven’t added a color accent to your room yet, you can start here. The lighter blankets will be perfect for spring and summer, the heavier wool and faux fur are for winter. However, you can make them into a feature all year round by having them folded beautifully on an ottoman or a chair in the corner. If you don’t already have some, invest in some soft pillows and cushions. You can have them in colors that compliment your blankets and throws, or you can choose to have them in neutral tones and just for comfort. You may have noticed that when you are in a hotel room, the duvet is often much larger than the mattress. Cleverly the oversized bedding gives the impression of the bed being grander, while also ensuring that you (or you and your partner) have more than enough duvet to snuggle into.


Light it Up

Or should that be down? Hotel room lighting, in the higher end hotels, will be very flattering. Rather than having bright bulbs, they will be a softer glow. A lot of natural lighting will also make it into the room. Have a look at where you own light source is coming from. Consider adding a feature lighting piece like a smaller chandelier to your room. Then place downlight lamps in any darker corners of the room where the natural light doesn’t reach. Without fail, in a hotel room, there will be two bedside lamps or a reading light strip above the bed. This might feel a little OTT, but it gives you the option to have the room lit in so many ways.


Dream Green

Where ever you have space, add some greenery to the room. In most hotel rooms, of the luxury variety, there are usually vases of fresh flowers and a plant or two. Keeping plants in your bedroom is known to have a relaxing effect on you, as well as keeping the air just that little bit cleaner. You might like to have a larger plant in the corner of the room, or smaller succulent type plants dotted around. Either way, bring some freshness into the room. And, as for pots and planters, you can decorate your own, or purchase ones that match your color scheme. You might even like to skip the color scheme, and have all of your pots in a gorgeous rose gold tone. With them all matching, that little detail will bring an extra layer of luxury to your room.


Walls and All

The final touches to completing your new look luxe room are artwork and scent. Purchase candles, and reed diffusers in your most beloved scent and place them around the room. Florals and tropical scents pair with the relaxing and luxurious feel that you are creating in the room. For artwork, you can do a few things. You can head to somewhere like Etsy, and purchase some prints that you love, and frame them yourself. You could head to a local gallery and invest in a few smaller pieces from independent artists, or you can pop to go somewhere like IKEA and make use of their amazing designers taste.


Mimicking a luxury hotel bedroom might seem daunting at first, however, turning your bedroom into your own piece of paradise doesn’t take a lot of money, or time, just a little bit of attention to detail and some planning. After all, we use our bedrooms as a spot to relax every evening, and we deserve something that is going to feel good each time.


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