Visit Okinawa for Island Relaxation

Japan is often seen as a hectic place to visit, especially when you look at some of the big cities. A visit to Tokyo probably isn’t going to be a quiet experience, with so many people and things to see and do. But Japan can be a relaxing choice too if you’re looking for somewhere to wind down and let go of all your daily stress. The island of Okinawa, the biggest in the Okinawa Prefecture, is one of the best places to go if you’re looking for somewhere to relax. From stunning beaches to relaxing spas, anyone who needs a break can find some top places to unwind.



Explore Beautiful Beaches


As an island, Okinawa has some lovely beaches that you don’t want to miss. You can discover beaches all over the prefecture if you wish, but if you’re starting from the main island, you can easily find a few choices. Some options include Manza Beach and Moon Beach, where you can enjoy soft sand and plenty of activities. The best beaches are often regarded to be those on the smaller islands like Miyako. As well as spending time relaxing on the sand, you could take a gentle trip on a stand-up paddleboard (SUP) or perhaps spend some time snorkeling.


Relax at a Top Hotel


Just choosing the right hotel can make a huge difference to your trip. If relaxing is your aim, you can’t go wrong with a hotel like The Ritz-Carlton Okinawa. A luxury hotel should give you everything that you need to unwind. You can choose your own private suite, get some treatments at the spa or spend your time playing golf. If you travel as a family, your children might enjoy getting to do their own thing with kids’ activities available, so you can find time to relax without them. Choose the right hotel, and you’ll have some fantastic drinking and dining options too.



Enjoy Local Culture


Spending time exploring the local culture is always a good way to relax. Whether you like to walk around museums and galleries or spend some time learning something new, you can find plenty of fun but quiet things in Okinawa. Start with the Okinawa Prefecture Museum and Art Museum for both historical artifacts and a diverse range of local art. If you’d like to try out a local craft, you can visit Kume Island and try your hand at weaving their Kumejima Tsumugi silk fabric. Or you could try pottery making at Ikutoen on Tsuboya Yachimun-Dori.


Try Local Cuisine


Cooking and eating food are both great ways to relax. You can spend time focusing on a mindful task, as well as indulge in delicious new foods. If you want to learn to cook some local cuisine, you can try a cooking experience with Taste of Okinawa. You start by visiting Makishi Public Market to explore ingredients, then enjoy a hands-on demonstration.


If you’re looking for more of a slow-paced trip to Japan, Okinawa is a great place to choose. Spend your time relaxing instead of being surrounded by color and noise.

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