Can You Drink Yourself Healthy?

You can drink yourself healthy by making some lifestyle changes along the way, and water can help you do that. But what are the benefits? And when should you drink? Fret not, because here is a quick guide to drinking more water and getting the best health out of it while you do.

Health Drinks You Can Try

Before we get into water and all its virtues, have you ever considered that there are alternatives? You have probably heard of smoothies, right? Smoothies are amazing because you can put your favorite antioxidants, fiber encouragement, and tastiest ingredients in them. There are also some drinks you may not have heard of, like the Ikaria juice recipe, kombucha tea, and kefir. These are wonderful for boosting your health and getting all the nutrients you need.

Why Drink More Water?

Okay, so you just want some water. That’s fine because it’s the number one recommended way of staying healthy anyway. You see, your body is between 55% and 60% water, and water is needed to keep your body and mind working. Water also helps you maintain your health with glowing and healthy skin, healthy teeth and bones, and even provides more energy. So don’t reach for that large can of branded chemicals that doesn’t have any health benefits.

Drink Yourself Healthy with Enough Water

One of the most common misunderstandings about water is how much you should drink, and around 13% of women and 20% of men don’t drink enough. However, some different factors come into play when deciding how much water to drink because everyone is different. The climate where you live, your body type, and your age can affect how much you should drink. But the generally accepted rule is between 2 and 4 liters of water per day.

When to Drink Water

Most people also don’t know when to drink water. Any doctor will tell you that if you need a drink of water, you are already dehydrated. Waiting until you are thirsty is the wrong way to go about drinking water, as this is your body’s way of telling you that you need more. It is recommended that you sip water constantly throughout the day, and a good way of doing this is to always have a water bottle handy. You can even use water bottles with hour marks to keep you informed.

Glam Up Your Drink for Flavor

Water is, of course, a tasteless and odorless clear drink. In a nutshell, it’s boring. Smoothies and healthy drinks are fine and taste amazing. But you shouldn’t use them as a replacement for water. Fortunately, it isn’t too hard to make water much better and more appealing. Just adding some carbon dioxide to make it fizzy glams it up a little. But extra ingredients such as citrus fruit, berries, and, don’t judge this, cucumber can make water taste (and look) fabulous.


Yes, you can drink yourself healthy with enough water. You can also try healthy drinks like tea. But you need to drink enough water for the best effects, and you can glam it up with fruits.