My Pioneer Wifestyle Or Midlife Crisis

My Pioneer Wifestyle Or Midlife Crisis. I would have never imagined after our kids moved out and we started to become grandparents we would do something crazy. After all my husband has been with the same company for 30+ years. We have owned our beautiful 4 bedrooms, 3-bath brick home for over 13+ years and in 2016 bought a condo in Rockport, Texas on the water. We had it made, but then Covid happened.

My husband nor I lost our jobs during covid, fortunately, nor did our income suffer due to Covid, but what it did do was make us realize we wanted land and to be away from people. So our adventure started.

Our Outhouse

We loaded up everything we owned and bought an 82-acre ranch….. Well sorta!  This ranch consisted of a bunkhouse, a barn kitchen, and an outhouse.  Nothing like the comforts we were used to and everything like a pioneer life. We intended to sell both homes and build on our property in the middle of nowhere.

My Pioneer Wifestyle Or Midlife Crisis

Swimming Pool Site

Then Covid continued to happen and prices of lumber began to rise. We then decided, to save money, to self-build so this is the beginning of our new chapter. We ordered an inground pool that will be installed in the next couple of months and will begin the process of building our dream home.

My Pioneer Wifestyle Or Midlife Crisis

Our Dream Home Site

Our first step is to look into architects that can take our plans and make them the blueprints needed to begin building. We were told this cost usually around $3500.00, so of course, we want to find the best deal we can and still get everything we need.

I will be sharing the process and pictures along the way.

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