Why It is A Good Idea To Have More That One Pet

Why It is A Good Idea To Have More That One Pet. For many people, having a pet makes them happy and even makes their lives feel more complete – it’s a fulfilling experience that makes a difference, thanks to the constant companionship, love, and joy they bring into their lives. While having one pet might seem like a fantastic idea because of all this, and the thought of getting more than one could seem far too daunting (there would be extra work to do), it can be an excellent idea; there are many extra benefits for the owners and the pets alike. With that in mind, read on to find out what those benefits are and why it’s a good idea to have more than one pet. 

Companionship And Social Interaction 

One of the most lovely aspects of having more than one pet is the companionship they’ll give one another. Just like humans, animals like to connect and ‘make friends’, and so when you have more than one pet in your home (whether they’re all the same species or not), you’ll give them that special bond. 

Not only is that a great thing for the pets – especially if you go out to work or to socialize and they’re left alone at times – but it’s fun for the humans as well. When you watch dogs chasing one another around the garden or cats cuddling up together, or perhaps birds chirping at one another, it will show you you’ve done the right thing. Of course, sometimes animals don’t get on right away, but with some training and work, you should be able to help them find friendship. Sites like https://chocolatelabradorretriever.ca/how-to-introduce-a-new-puppy-to-your-cat/ can be particularly useful when it comes to getting specific advice on how to help your pets get on better. 

Plus, when pets are playing together, they’re getting extra skills – they’re learning to use their instincts better, which can help them make the most of their lives. As well as this, when one pet is feeling down (which can happen, and it’s something to look out for), the others can help to cheer them up, and it’s something they’ll do without even thinking about it, as it’s all about instinct. 

Reduce Stress 

Pets can be a wonderful source of comfort for their owners and give them stress relief – it’s a scientific fact. The issue is that, just like their owners, pets can suffer from stress and anxiety too, and if you notice any of the symptoms (such as a poor appetite and lethargy, for example), you’ll need to take them to the vet for help. 

Something that can also help is if you have more than one pet in your home. When the pet that’s stressed and anxious is around another animal they’ve bonded with, they’ll be able to find comfort and solace together and get the support they need to start feeling calmer and more relaxed and happy. Perhaps your dog gets stressed during thunderstorms or when fireworks are going off, for example, and having another dog, a cat, or another kind of pet to cuddle up to might soothe and help them. 

On top of this, when pets are playing together, their bodies will release endorphins, otherwise known as feel-good hormones or happy hormones. These help to reduce stress and anxiety in the same way as they do with humans. 

Although you’ll never want to deliberately cause your pet stress, there will be times when what you do in life does make them anxious – moving house is a good example, and so is having a baby or finding a new partner. When there is another pet, or perhaps more than one other pet, in the house, anything that comes their way will be easier to deal with, and you’ll be freer to live life more comfortably as a result. 

Better Physical Health 

As a pet owner, one of the most important things you’ll need to do is keep your pet healthy – they’re your responsibility, after all. The great thing about having more than one pet (depending on the type of pet to some extent, of course) is that they can all help one another keep physically fit, so although you’ll still need to take care of them and give them the right food, pet-proof your home, and so on, some of the work is being done for you. 

For dogs, in particular, having a playmate can make a difference, as dogs are more likely to play together physically, like chasing, wrestling, and running together. This increased physical activity helps to keep them at a healthy weight, reduces the risk of obesity, and keeps their muscles and joints in good condition. Plus, regular exercise can help with their heart health and even give them better endurance so they can exercise even more. Cats can also benefit as they can chase one another, playfight, pounce, and so on. And of course, pets of different species can easily play together and get the same benefits. 

As a pet owner, having more than one pet might help to keep you more active as well because regular playtime and exercise will need to become part of your daily routine. You’ll get physically more healthy, but you’ll also be able to bond with your pets more, and this can improve your mental health too. 

Reduce Boredom 

Pets can easily get bored, and that’s a problem for many reasons. One of the biggest issues (apart from it being unpleasant for the pet) is that they can become destructive around your home and property when they don’t have anything else to do. However, having multiple pets can reduce this problem because they’ll always have entertainment and companionship – your pet shouldn’t get bored, which means they won’t be destructive, and everyone wins. 

Although you might think that even having more than one pet could still mean they’ll get bored from time to time, and the results might be worse than before because there are at least two creatures causing havoc in your home, the truth is that each pet has their unique personality, there’s always something new going on, and your beloved animals will spend a lot of time getting to know one another and learning new things as well as playing and having fun, so there will be barely any time for them to be bored at all. 

Of course, if your pet is still destructive even if they’re well stimulated, it could be a symptom of another problem, so if you keep seeing chewed furniture, scratched walls, or there’s a lot of noise and bad behavior, it’s a good idea to make an appointment with your vet to get your pet checked out, just in case. 

Learn Social Skills 

Just like humans, pets need to learn good social skills, and having a friend in the home with them can help with that. As we said above, pets all have different personalities, and when you have more than one pet, you’re giving all of them the chance to mix with a variety of other creatures, so they’ll be able to learn how to handle all those different personalities well. 

Some of the social skills they’ll learn include social cues, communication styles, negotiating boundaries, learning how to understand body language, and so on. This exposure to different things at home means that when they go out and about, they’ll be better behaved and better able to deal with any other animals they might meet.

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