How The House Of Today Preserves Your Health

How The House Of Today Preserves Your Health. Do you remember watching the Jetsons and dreaming of the day when you’ll have your very own robot?

The day is now. You’re looking around in disbelief. There is no robot in the house, you claim. You’re right; there’s nothing that looks like Rosey – the robotic maid and housekeeper of the family in today’s home. However, it doesn’t mean that our homes have failed to embrace 21st-century innovations. On the contrary, today’s properties have the potential to be a lot smarter – or at least they would be if we took advantage of all the helpful features and functions available. However, most homeowners think of smart home tech as a gadget that can save them precious time. In reality, a high-tech household can also improve your health. Here’s how: 

It keeps your mobile

We all have to face that dreadful moment when age affects our balance and mobility. Additionally, when age isn’t an issue, sometimes external events can make it more difficult for you to roam freely through your home. Something such as a life-changing accident can turn your lovely wooden staircase into an insurmountable obstacle that stands between you and your bedroom. But when moving out isn’t an option, you can consider the addition of a stair lift to make the most of your home again. Alternatively, a lift is also an excellent option for anybody concerned about maintaining their independence in old age. 

It reduces allergens and pollutants 

You can find automated vacuum robots that can be controlled through Alexa – which means that you only have to ask for your house to be cleaned! However, it’s fair to say that cleaning devices are nowhere as capable as Rosey. More often than not, you have to manage a lot of the day-to-day chores by yourself, from decluttering to choosing fragrance-free products, if you’re going to maintain your interior clean and allergen-free. However, you can introduce a smart allergen monitor to your decor, to help check your indoor air. Indeed, brands such as Dyson have developed elegant air filters and moisturizers that actively remove pollutants from your air and keep it feeling fresh. 

It tracks your shopping 

Why should you go to the shop when your fridge can directly order everything you need? Smart fridges are still in their infancy, but there is no denying that for a lot of households, they can be a complete game-changer. Indeed, not only can they track your ingredients and automatically pass orders through a virtual assistant to replace low stocks, but they can also become your best fitness partner. If fridges can be programmed to track what they contain, they can also be programmed to buy healthy foods. 

It controls the temperature

Lastly, smart temperature monitors have revolutionized the modern home. They let you set your heating remotely. Smart sensors that can adjust the temperatures based on collected data – such as outdoor weather and your health – have been tested in self-sufficient homes to reduce costs and keep the house cozy. What’s stopping you from automating your heater to suit your real-time needs? 

While there’s no Rosey in sight, today’s homes are capable of a lot more than we give them credit for. They can effectively take care of us, from giving us back our lost mobility to making sure we get all our nutrients.