Improve, Don’t Move: Which Home Improvements Are Worth It?

Improve, Don’t Move: Which Home Improvements Are Worth It? Perhaps you moved into a home that always needed a little upgrading, or maybe over time, you’ve realised that the current layout doesn’t work for you. Renovating a home, from minor upgrades to a full extension project, can not only make your current home more suitable for your needs and save you the stress and cost of having to move house, but the right project plan can add a substantial amount of value to what, for most of us, is the main investment we make. The following projects are all worth considering to freshen up your home for 2019.

Extend and Improve Your Kitchen

For a family home, the kitchen is often the heart of the house, acting as a space not just for food prep but entertaining friends and coming together as a family. A well-planned kitchen renovation could transform the way you use your space and make your home more valuable and more saleable, adding up to ten per cent to the sale price. A kitchen renovation project can be as small or expansive as you like – from simply changing the cupboard doors and fixings to give a fresh look on a budget, to adding an extension to create an open-plan living space. Adding more natural light into the space with replacement windows or a set of bi-fold doors opening into the garden can make a really beautiful home.

Expand Upwards

Loft conversions are another way to add value to your home, as they increase the available square footage. There are many reasons to add to your upstairs space – an extra bedroom, space for guests, a small studio or home office, creating a master suite, or even a dressing room or yoga studio – get creative. Adding a dormer window can open up the space both physically and visually. Use it as an opportunity to make your home more energy efficient, with concealed insulation and LED lighting, as well as adding skylights for ventilation.

Hit Refresh On Your Entry

The entryway into your home is a major focal point, and with just a little work can be turned into a functional and beautiful space. Adding on a front porch not only insulates your home better, but it provides a great space for muddy boots and coats to be hung. A new door can really change the look of the front of your house and add kerb appeal – very important if you’re planning to sell.

Makeover Your Bathroom

The other important area in your house to keep up to date is the family bathroom. Similar to the kitchen, remodelling your bathroom can add value to your home as well as make it nicer for you to use. Add impact with coloured tiling and a great new suite – if you have room for a freestanding shower, so much the better. If you’re trying to save costs, reuse the existing bathroom suite and then splash the cash on luxurious updates like a waterfall shower or fancy mixer taps  – combine these with some new engineered wood flooring and a great new paint colour and you have a whole new look.

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