Time With The Family: Bringing Quality Time To The Home

There’s nothing better than spending a great few hours with the family, when there’s nothing but your clan, laughing and chatting about anything and everything. Alas, sometimes these moments can be hard to come by. If you’re restricted to just enjoying other’s company in a restaurant, then it might only be every couple of months that you’re all about to be together (restaurants aren’t cheap, after all). So why not consider the home? If you can create a home that is conducive to spending time with your immediate and extended family, you’ll be able to have those moments of quality time every day.

Open Plan Kitchens

You know how it is in the morning. Everyone’s running around, trying to get ready for school or work or whatever. People might pass one another from the kitchen to the living room, but they’re rarely in the same place. Enter the open plan kitchen: with this in your home, it won’t matter if someone is preparing their breakfast while another is eating theirs. They’ll both be in the same room and can at least have a moment to catch up. These are also good for when you have guests. The kitchen is the heart of the home – everyone passes through there – so also make a hangout spot.

Tech-Free Zones

There was once a British television documentary series, where a family lived each day like it was in the past. One day it was 1950, the next 1951, and so on. What they found was that as technology use increased (around 1990_, so did the amount of time people were spending in their bedrooms, alone. So to have quality time, think about creating a tech-free zone, a space where people do nothing but chat, laugh, and play games together.

Outdoor Relaxation Spaces

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Who wants to be indoors when the weather outside is so beautiful? There are a few things better than being surrounded by your family on a sunny evening! If you don’t yet have an outdoor space that’s conducive to this goal, take a look at http://lifestylepatios.com/ and have a deck installed. It’ll make your home perfect for hosting a BBQ, unwinding, and spending quality time with your loved ones throughout the whole summer.

Comfortable Living Rooms

If that takes care of summer, then what about the fall? Then, we all retreat to the indoors, and barely make an appearance in the outdoor world until spring has returned. Make your living room ripe for cozy evenings indoors by finding a comfortable couch, loading it with pillows and throws, and installing a television that’ll be ideal for those movie marathons with your loved ones.

Eating Meals Together

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Finally, don’t forget those dinners you enjoy together! Leave the TV trays behind, and work on creating a dining room that can fit all of your loved ones. There’s an art to perfecting the family dining room, but it’ll be worth the effort when you’re spending each evening chatting over a delicious home-cooked meal.