What To Do If You’ve Been Hurt At Work

What To Do If You’ve Been Hurt At Work

Being injured at work can be very distressing. Whether you have a physical job and have been hurt in the line at work, or have had an accident like a fall that wasn’t your fault, it’s natural to feel very worried about what will happen next. Having to take time off for injury is never ideal, but with this guide, and the help of personal injury attorneys like those at https://www.warforindy.com/, you can make the experience less upsetting.

Get Treatment First

Before you worry about fault and consult a personal injury attorney, take care of your health first. Seek treatment from your work’s first aider and decide whether an ambulance should be called. See your doctor as soon as possible to be sure there are no lasting or serious injuries. The most important thing is to treat any injuries as soon as possible to reduce the risk of any injury causing long-term problems. 

Report The Accident

Make sure your employer is aware of the accident so that if you decide to claim later, there’s a record of the incident. Your employer won’t be able to dispute that the accident happened if you have reported it through the proper channels. Make sure your co-workers are aware of the accident too, in case evidence is needed later. Check if your accident occurred in an area covered by CCTV, in case you need a video later to show what happened. Don’t discuss blame with anyone yet, as admitting fault could damage your cause later if you do decide to claim. 

If your work has an accident report book, make sure the accident has been recorded in there correctly. Some workplaces may be reluctant to record an accident, especially if they have targets to meet, but do not let them refuse to make a record. If your employer refuses to record the accident, create a paper trail by emailing them about it and saving copies of your emails. This can help you later on if you’re entitled to compensation. 

Record Evidence

If there was an issue that caused your accident, like a wet floor without signs, trip hazards left around, or a problem with machinery, take photos or video of anything that may help a claim later. Save this evidence somewhere safe and ask for any CCTV records too. 

Keep A Record Of Symptoms

If your injury continues to cause you problems, keep a diary of any problems or symptoms. Record even minor injuries, in case your doctor focuses on the main injuries. If you continue to be in pain or experience health issues, make a note on paper or your phone. 

Ask for copies of your medical records from your doctor so you have a record of any treatment you had to receive. You should also keep a record of any expenses or losses caused by your accident, such as any treatment you had to pay for or loss of earnings due to your injuries. 

Get Advice

Get advice from a solicitor who specializes in personal injury claims. They can help you decide if you have a claim and whether you should try and claim compensation.