Health Conditions That Make You Feel and Look Older

Health Conditions That Make You Feel and Look Older. In the Western world, we generally live longer than any generation before. We need to stay healthy and look good to be able to enjoy the fruits of our hard work later in life. Unfortunately, not everyone ages at the same rate, and some health conditions might make you feel and look older than you are. Below you will find a few pointers on where to look for the reason for your speedy aging.

Dental Issues

You might think that the missing tooth at the back or the painful gums are not visible, but if you are dealing with pain every day, this will show on your face. It might be time to visit the dentist and get a full assessment and a long-term solution. You might not see inside your mouth, but if you are getting inflamed gums more often than not, you will need to find a treatment for dental problems that will take you out of misery and change your outlook in life, too.  

Dry Skin

Health Conditions That Make You Feel and Look OlderYour skin type is dependent on your genetics, but there are things you can do to give your body the supplement it needs. When your skin ages faster than you do. It is a sign that it cannot defend you from the outside world as much as it should. You might want to visit a dermatologist to find out about the most suitable products for your skin type and learn which vitamins and minerals your body is missing.



Dark spots on your face and the rest of your body can also make you look older than you are. Melasma is usually caused by sun damage, and it is hard to reverse it. Some medication is available, but you might be better off upgrading your sun protection and asking for expert advice.

Hair Loss

Women over 40 often have to deal with physical changes due to their hormonal imbalance. You will need to find the root cause of your hair loss. It might be hormonal, or your diet might not be suitable for your body. Any vitamin or mineral deficiency will manifest in your hair, so you must start taking supplements whenever your hair loss gets out of control.

Digestive Issues and IBS

IBS is one of the main causes of long-term pain and discomfort. Your digestive system is directly connected with your immune system and hormones, so every area of your body and mind will be affected. You might be suffering from leaky gut syndrome and acne will appear later in life, when it is supposed to be disappearing. You can change your diet, and try to avoid gluten and preservatives, as well as junk food and too much sugar, so you can see improvements in your skin and digestion, too.

You will have to make some lifestyle changes to make the most of your health and looks. Some conditions appear natural after a certain age, but this doesn’t mean that you cannot deal with them if you ask an expert.

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