4 and a 1/2 Ways to Make Your Happy Home Even Happier

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Nowhere should make us happier than our homes. They are that place of peace we all crave when life gets crazy and, come on when was the last time your life wasn’t crazy. It’s that place you can’t wait to get back to when you finish work, where you want to host your friends and family on Thanksgiving, create memories with your family, snuggle up with your S.O. on long winter nights with a glass of wine and an episode of who cares what, and that place you can truly be you.


That’s the cliched dream anyway, and one that got us thinking: what can we do to improve the levels of happiness in our home even more?


Read on for our top tips and tricks to make your home happier than Disneyworld (and a whole lot quieter too):


  1. Make Your Senses Smile

The trick to being happy is to make your senses happy – all of them. Start with smells. Pop a lavender diffuser in your hallway to create a calm and soothing scent when you walk in, have scented candles in the bathroom and homemade cooking come from the kitchen. Talk at nice level instead of yelling. Play nice relaxing music on your old vinyl player (or Amazon Echo). Fill every room with houseplants. Buy fresh flowers each week. Keep the house clean and clutter-free. Anything that will please your five senses.


  1. Color Is Oh So Powerful

The color you paint your home can have such a huge effect on your mood, which is why you should consider getting your white overalls on and slapping some paint on the walls. For example, in your children’s rooms, try using a nice blue to help them enjoy a better night’s sleep, and then use a pretty green in your living room to create a lively, vibrant, creative and happy atmosphere for your family.


  1. Peace Of Mind Is Great

It’s pretty hard to keep a positive mindset if you are worried about this, that or t’other which is why you should remove any anxiety from your home life. Have your foundations checked annually, call in a termite control team just in case, clean out your gutters before winter, trim any trees and branches too close to your home, make sure your insurance policy is up to date, treat your deck every spring and autumn – anything that will keep your home happy, literally.


  1. Display Sentiment Everywhere

We’re not saying material things don’t make us happy. They do. But they don’t make us anywhere near as happy as experiences – and memories of those experiences. That’s because there is a whole cycle of happiness that comes with making memories. There’s the planning, the getting excited, the enjoyment, and then remembering how much fun it was, which is why you should make your home a museum of positive memories, from photographs to trinkets. Anything that will remind you of a certain story or a certain time.


Other than that, just be kind and make time for family, enjoying your moments together, laughing and sharing. That’s what happy homes are built on.