5 Great Ways To Get Ready For A Big Move

So you’ve finally got the house of your dreams! You are starting to get the house ready for the big moving day. Moving home can be stressful. Whatever your situation, we have five top tips to make your house move a happy one.


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Start Planning As Soon As You Can

The earlier you start planning for the move, the less stress you will hopefully encounter. When securing the house, it’s understandable that you can get so caught up in the house-buying process, you forget or don’t have time for getting everything packed up and ready to go. 


Get Organized With Your Packing

Start by considering a variety of supplies for Self Storage, from cardboard to plastic boxes and a range of sizes depending on what you need to pack. It’s tempting to put off packing, but there are bound to be items you don’t need until a few months after the move. Consider packing Summer clothes you don’t need if you’re moving in January or the Christmas tree you can put in a box if you’re moving mid-July. Make sure you label them all up with the room they’re going in, along with whether they’re essential. Consider how frazzled you may be on the day, and make it as easy as possible for your future self to handle.


Make Sure You Are Realistic About What Will Fit

If you’ve accumulated a lifetime’s worth of items and are downsizing consider this before you pack up the kitchen sink and try and fit it into your new place. It’s the perfect opportunity for a new start if you want to put a fresh spin on your new home, so consider items you can sell or give to Goodwill. Likewise for your furniture, you might end up with oversized or undersized items for your new home, and need a rethink before you try and fit your sofa up a flight of stairs or through a too-small entryway (cue Ross from Friends yelling Pivot). Visit your new home ahead of time to measure up everything so that you can get some furniture lined up for delivery.


Make A To-Do List For Addresses and People To Update

One of the first things everyone forgets to do during their house move is to update their account information. List everything from bank accounts, internet, contact lens orders, prescriptions, driving licenses, and relatives to tell. Be kind to future you and remember that you’re going to be busy, and might need to be reminded of all the essential items you’ll forget as soon as you launch yourself into integrating into your new area. When you set up finance for new furniture, also remember that if you change the address on your bank account, it could cause a problem if you change the address midway through a credit check, so wait until the payments are set up before updating everything.


Give People Jobs Or Distractions

Too many cooks can make a move too complicated, so think about things to keep any of your little ones occupied on the big day. Why not prepare some delicious snacks for you all ahead of time, like these pumpkin chocolate chip cookies? Even buy a chew toy or bone for your dog to distract them during the move. If you’ve got older children or can rope some people in to help, give them a clear job (like cleaning, moving boxes, or sourcing that essential first move takeaway) to avoid them loitering around wondering what to do on the move day.


Tips For Packing And Moving



Packing up and moving house is one of the most exciting things of your life and it is also something that is the first step in a new chapter of your life. However, when moving day starts to approach it can also be a little stressful and at times it does require you to plan and make plans for the day. 


But don’t fret or freak out, because today we are going to take a look at some of the ways in which you can prepare for packing and moving to make moving day much less stressful and allow you to easily settle into your new home life! 


Hire professionals 


The important thing you need to do when you are thinking of moving house is to hire some professional help. If you are moving around the corner from your old home, you may get away with hiring a van; however, if you are moving further afield, interstate removalists are essential. Make sure to get in touch and hire a professional firm to make your life much easier and allow you to move with less stress. You can also gain the added benefit of protecting your items against damage in transit, as if anything were to break during the trip you would be reimbursed! 


Pick a weekday 


The best thing you can do when moving house is choosing a quiet day in the week. A lot of the time the key exchange for a new home will be done between a Thursday – Sunday, however, this doesn’t mean you have to move in right away. As much as you may want to get straight into the new home, if you can arrange the moving day for a Monday or Tuesday it will be much cheaper and the roads will be much less busy. It is a good idea for you to choose a weekday because your neighbors will be out at work which means you won’t be inconveniencing them by parking a huge truck on the road. 


Check the road 


Speaking of roads, the road you move onto may be too narrow for a large truck, and this can have a knock-on effect for you when trying to move. Make sure that you think about the road size before you hire a mover service because if it is a little bit too narrow you will need to consider a new option such as a small van instead.


Get out the label maker 


It is incredibly important for you to be organized when moving home and this will likely include having to break out the label maker or sharpie to label boxes when packing. Instead of packing everything in random boxes, make sure to pack things by room and also by category because this will make life so much easier for you when you come to unpack at the other end. Labeling the boxes with rooms and the items contained within can make it even easier for you to keep everything together.