Yes, Your Kitchen Can Be Both Deluxe And Low-Maintenance

Yes, Your Kitchen Can Be Both Deluxe And Low-Maintenance. One of the common misconceptions about investing in the finest materials and the latest gadgets for your kitchen is that since it’s so valuable, it takes a lot more time to take care of. However, the truth is that some of the most stylish and innovative kitchen choices are also some of the most low-maintenance. Here, we’re going to look at how you ensure you don’t have to sacrifice style for practicality.

Choose your tools wisely

If you love a kitchen that does most of the work for you, then you might be inclined to invest in appliances and accessories a-plenty. However, the more you have, the more maintenance they require. They all need to be cleaned, and repaired and have parts replaced to give them real longevity, so keep your workload to a minimum by investing in high-quality must-haves. For instance, multi-purpose tools like toaster ovens and food processors can save the space of multiple appliances while doing the job of both. It’s all about quality, not quantity when it comes to choosing accessories.

Yes, Your Kitchen Can Be Both Deluxe And Low-Maintenance

Top-quality surfaces

Nothing defines the look of a kitchen like your countertop surfaces. Choosing a material can be difficult, and there are a lot of gorgeous-looking, high-end options for those who have the budget. However, high-quality hardwood tops can scratch and stain easily, reducing their value, while glass needs cleaning very frequently. Options like granite and quartz are just as appealing, if not more, but also have the hard-wearing quality and resistance to most marks which means you don’t have to feel anxious every time you use them. Ensure that you’re choosing the surfaces that not only look great and exude the sense of luxury you want but can actually get the job done.

Yes, Your Kitchen Can Be Both Deluxe And Low-Maintenance

Skip the cabinet doors

Your cabinets can contribute to the aesthetic of the room almost as much as the countertop. However, they are also a pain in the neck. All the grease, dust, and debris that cooking and using the kitchen creates sticks to them first and foremost. This means you have to clean them more regularly than any other part of the room. However, open shelf designs, as shown at are not only much easier to maintain. They also have a cool, minimalist quality that can make them a perfect fit for any contemporary-style kitchen.

Creating better journeys

A kitchen is a lot easier to both clean and use if you have the space to work comfortably within. The journey of your kitchen is all about the layout, and how easily you can access one space before moving to another. You want to avoid the kitchen layout mistakes that pen you in and create obstacles when you’re trying to clean. For instance, a huge island between one counter and the next might look attractive, to begin with, but it will soon become an everyday hassle.

It is true that investing in expensive, high-maintenance materials and design can make your kitchen much less of a practical place, but you can avoid that dilemma with the tips above.

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