Adding Character To Your Living Space

Adding Character To Your Living Space. If you feel as if your home needs a little bit of TLC at the end of the year as we enter the festive season, then there are lots of different things you can think about doing. If you want to avoid too much painting and wallpapering, there are still plenty of ways you can add character and personality to the home at this time of the year.

Make a feature wall

Feature walls can be amazing and they will often become the focus of a room, and if you currently don’t have a feature wall or brightly colored wall in the home then this is something you can think about. White is a color that is easy to bring all over the house however it is a little lifeless, you can lift white by having one wall of your room covered in either a fun pattern or a bold color. Think about choosing a warm winter color like red or plum, or you can buy stencils online and paint a pattern onto the wall for a bit of flair. Have fun with it and it will make a difference to the home.

Create your own art

If you want to save some money in your home and also make it feel much more personal, a fun idea for the weekend would be a bit of cheap canvas and paints from your local craft store and make a piece of art for the walls. Depending on your art skill you can either make a detailed painting, or you can create an abstract piece that is full of bursts of color to add some life to a room. For example, if you choose to use colors like red, yellow, orange, and white… you make a fiery piece that will look amazing on any white wall. To create a piece you will need a surface covered with plastic to catch any paint, a small disposable cup, and perhaps some gloves. Pour a little bit of each paint, diluted with a drop of water, into a cup. Layer them up until you have about half a cup full. Place your canvas on the top of the cup, flip it over, and place the canvas on your plastic surface with the cup upside down. Lift the cup. The colors will start to run over the canvas, and you can use your hands to tilt the canvas and allow the paint to reach the edges. Let it dry and you’ll have a stunning piece for the wall.

Upcycle and save

For another way to save some money on the house this year you can use old jars to make new coffee, tea, and sugar mugs; then them into vessels for planting herbs in the kitchen, and even use them for holding small tea lights in the evenings. There are lots of ways you can upcycle things from your home and turn them into something new and Pinterest always has lots of amazing ideas for you to use.

Decorate with character

If you want to make the home feel like it had more character this year, you will want to make sure that all of the pieces you bring into the home are character and have a story. Think of the world’s most valuable antiques: they all have an incredible history and when you see them in a museum or a stately home you immediately feel something. Bring a piece of this action into your own house by bidding on antique furniture and finding unique items that tell a story for everyone to see. It will make your home feel much more alive.

Go big or go home

If you are going to create a feature in the home, go big. If you have a large wall that is completely blank and needs something on it to make it feel right, you can bring a large clock, ornament, or wall art into space for a big chunk of character and color in the room. Don’t be afraid to pick large objects because these will always benefit the home.

Make a memory wall

One of the best ways that you can add some character to your time is to create a wall in the home that holds a mixture of art and photographs of your family. A family is the heart of a home so creating a collage wall to commemorate your family is amazing and it will always be a talking point in the house. You can either buy a pre-made collage frame or you can instead use different-sized frames and arrange them yourself.

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