Home Security Tips For When You’re Away On Summer Vacation

Home Security Tips For When You’re Away On Summer Vacation. Summer is almost here, and chances are, you are looking forward to going away on your annual summer vacation. Hoorah! However, like the rain on your supposed sunny holiday destination, we are about to put a dampener on your plans. While you’re away, your home is under threat from intruders, those miscreants who love the summer almost as much as you do. You don’t want to come home relaxed and sun-bronzed only to find your home ransacked, so you need to take precautions before you go away.

Consider the following home security tips.

Home Security Tips For When You're Away On Summer Vacation


  • Invest in a home security system. These clever devices will alert police to an imminent break-in to your property, and you should get a notification as well. Check out the system reviews on Homesecuritysystem.co, and give yourself the peace of mind that these clever monitoring devices allow.
  • Check the locks on your doors and windows. If any of them are faulty or of substandard quality, replace them with something stronger and more resilient. Some of the best door locks are reviewed here, so make any changes necessary for your first line of defense from those sneaky burglars.
  • Keep up the appearance that you’re home. This might include inviting a friend or family member to stay at your property while you’re away or asking them to pop by regularly to turn lights on and off, as well as your tv or sound system. You should also redirect your mail so there isn’t a buildup of a post in your mailbox, and do the same if you regularly receive a newspaper.
  • Keep off social media. Yes, you want to show off your holiday pics to your nearest and dearest, as well as your 5,000 other friends on Facebook, but this is a surefire way to alert burglars to the fact that you aren’t currently residing at home. You should keep away from your screens anyway so you can enjoy your holiday without distractions, and then wait until your feet hit terra firma again before posting your snaps online.
  • Get yourself insured. This way, if the worst does come to the worst, and some sneaky swine does steal your stuff, you will at least have the reassuring comfort of your insurance company to shield the blow. However, you should follow our tips on getting the best insurance deal possible; otherwise, the burglar won’t be the only one making a steal from you.
  • Get your garden in order. A telltale sign that you aren’t home is your lawn, and if you are away for an extended period, it is liable to become a small jungle while you’re away. If the burglar has been keeping tabs on your property, he will realize that either a) you have become lazy with your lawn care or b) you are away. So give it a good going over before you leave, and then do those other things in your garden to deter burglars. This includes securing your fencing and placing tall shrubbery around your home exterior to keep prying eyes away from your windows.

Home Security Tips For When You're Away On Summer Vacation

By following some (or all) of these tips, you stand a better chance of returning home to find your home and belongings intact. Thanks for reading, and enjoy the peace of mind you will get when you’re away on holiday.