Get Your Home Fit For Winter

Get Your Home Fit For Winter. When you think about your humble abode, the chances are that you are proud of where you live. You may have created a warm and welcoming property that is conducive to making family memories. However, with winter on the horizon, you need to consider the more practical aspects of your dwelling. You need to ensure that it can withstand the elements, that it keeps you warm, and that it doesn’t suffer any damage to its integrity. Take a look at these winter checks you need to make to ensure that your home is ready for the coldest season of them all.


If you look up and inspect your roof, you need to be checking for slipped and cracked tiles and missing slate. With holes and gaps, your home will not be watertight. On occasions, you may find that rot has begun infiltrating the rafters of your home. If this is the case, it might be wise to replace rather than repair your roof. You need to ensure that your walls also have the same integrity as your roof otherwise, you could risk water seeping into your brickwork. This can make damp permeate through your walls causing mold and black fungus growth. To prevent this, you need to consider applying a layer of fiber cement to your exterior. This will ensure that you have a weatherproof exterior that will withstand the elements.


If you haven’t had your glazing replaced in a while, you should be checking your seals and glass. If any seals are broken, then drafts can enter your home. This isn’t ideal when you are trying to settle down for the night with a good box set and some popcorn and all you feel is a cool breeze on your neck. You may need to replace one or more windows. If you do, ensure that you go for double glazing for both noise reduction and energy efficiency.


Your boiler is the engine of your home. It will fire up your heating and power up your gas hob. Without hot water, you will be freezing in the winter and no central heating will make your nights very uncomfortable. You need to have your boiler serviced annually. Doing this will ensure that your boiler is in a constant functioning state. Some boilers are better than others, so if you are looking to replace yours, don’t opt for the cheapest choice. This can be a false economy resulting in a lot of callouts from the gas engineer. If you aren’t sure about the sort of boiler you should opt for, always go combi as these are more energy efficient and they will save you money in utility bills. Hook up your boiler to a smart thermostat and begin to control your heating from your phone. Doing this means you can create a warm ambiance within your home, even if you are at work.

Your home should feel cozy, warm, and welcoming in the wintertime. Even though it might be blowing a gale outside, indoors it should be comfortable. Follow this guide and get your home fit for winter.