Converting Your Garage To A Chillout Zone?

If you find that you don’t really need your garage to store your cars or you just find that it’s far too big for just one car, then a conversion is in the mix. Garage conversions are probably the easiest conversion of all. This Is because, unlike a loft or a living room extension, you don’t have to pull down any walls or implement the basics like a floor and lighting. Garages come semi-made and ready to be changed to a chillout zone. You have the lighting, and the floor is hardy but the only things lacking are the walls and the interior. Here is what you can do.

The seating

Firstly, consider the seating for your garage. If you think that your garage is always going to be chilly, then you can consider a fabric sofa. Leather sofas are probably better because if there was a leak or flooding, they may not become as damaged as the fabric will. Not to mention, there’s far less maintenance that needs to be done with a leather sofa, than a fabric sofa which becomes smelly, wet, and dusty. 

Barstools are a great option if you are going to fit some kind of station. Be it a workstation for your builds, engineering projects, or a real bar, barstools are versatile and provide affordable seating that can be easily moved around. 

Building another floor?

Maybe you want your garage floor to still remain for your cars but you want a new floor to be a chillout area. Make sure you have a garage converting construction permit. The local authorities want to make sure that the garage structure will be safe, it’s being built properly, you’re using the right materials and the end state will not diminish the value of the property. You don’t want that either but local authorities don’t want homeowners to do builds that depreciate the neighborhood as a whole. The new first floor can be where you have your chillout area of sofas, air hockey, a bar, and or a cinema area for guests.

Ventilation and windows

Now that you are converting your garage into a chillout zone, you will need natural lighting. So choose where and how many windows you want for the area, so sunshine can filter in and brighten up the space. Not to mention the ventilation is now vital, so installing an HVAC unit can not only make the air nicer to breathe, because it’s less dusty, but it can also make it safer. Bear in mind you may still want your cars to be parked in the garage so any exhaust fumes to be collected and vented out of the property. Make sure the HVAC is accessible and not fitted to the ceiling where you will find it hard to adjust, clean, and maintain.

The garage is the perfect place to create a nice chillout zone, away from the noise of the home. It can be a great place to watch football games, relax with the boys and have your own private space when you want some peace and quiet. 

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