4 Home Security Methods That Aren’t Unsightly

Most people would prefer their homes to be safe. This isn’t too much to ask and should be one of your main priorities. After all, a home is hard to enjoy if you feel too exposed within it, or as if it could be the target of potentially antisocial behavior, to put it politely.

For this reason, investing in a few worthwhile anti-intruder measures can be key. But you don’t have to tarnish your home with massive alarm panels, unsightly barbed wire broken glass at the top of your fences, or unattractive gates that don’t fit with the rest of your property to achieve that.

So, in this post, we’ll discuss three helpful security methods that not only look good in your household, but perform their task of correctly shielding your house and the loved ones within.

Adequate Night Lighting

Proper outdoor lighting can make a big difference in communicating to potential intruders that yes, they can be seen well in advance of anything they might try. Well-lit areas can help completely resolve dark shadowy spots where unwanted individuals could try to hide or try to look into your property, especially if they’re motion-sensitive. You can look into installing those motion-sensor lights to brighten the perimeter, entryways, and other vulnerable spots. This also makes it easier for you to park at night. Such sudden bursts of light would startle anyone up to no good while also drawing attention their way.

A Dog With A Strong, Disciplined Bark

While dogs are of course great household companions, certain breeds can double as effective home guardians with their loud, territorial barking. You can consider getting a dog breed known for its booming bark and protective instincts as an extra warning. German Shepherd puppies arguably grow into one of the more protective but trainable dogs out there. Just be sure to properly train them to bark only when appropriate and respond to commands, so they don’t become a nuisance barker disturbing the neighbors, or have undue aggression. Moreover, a lovely dog is a family member first, not just a fixture for the house.

Smart Doorbell Cameras

Thanks to ever-innovative smart tech, doorbell cameras now allow you to easily monitor who’s approaching your door, even remotely. These devices let you view live footage and communicate with visitors through your smartphone or tablet when you’re not home. Notice motion at your front door that seems odd? Well, you can call the authorities while at work. Simple! Many also have motion sensors that can ping you right on your smartphone, and that in itself means the operational window of a pathetic thief is now limited.

Neighborhood Programs

Getting to know your neighbors and keeping an open line of communication can contribute greatly to your home’s safety, because after all, the more people that notice an issue, the better you can counter it.. You can look into joining or starting a neighborhood watch program where residents keep an eye out for anything out of the ordinary and alert authorities appropriately. It might just mean warning others about suspicious cars on a public road. Exchanging contact info with nearby neighbors is also wise so you can check in on each other’s properties when needed.

With this advice, you’ll be certain to find the best home security measures, without adding bulky installations to your home.