Improve Your Skin In A Week With These 7 Steps

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While serious skin problems such as acne and psoriasis can’t be cured in a week, there are ways in which you can make massive improvements in seven days. Spots, puffiness, and a pale complexion can all vanish in a week with the right health routine. Here are just seven steps for improving your skin in a week.

Get your beauty sleep

After a poor night’s sleep, you’re more likely to have a puffy and pale complexion. When we are asleep, the body does most of its healing, as well as flushing out toxins from around the body. Without completing a full sleep cycle, your body – including your skin – isn’t able to repair and clean itself properly.

Aim to get more than seven hours of sleep per night every day for a week. This alone could make your skin look rosier and less swollen.


As we get older, our skin stops producing as many oils. Moisturizer is therefore needed to stop our skin from drying out. This in turn can prevent wrinkles.

Start moisturizing every day if you don’t already. After a week, you should notice that your skin is considerably smoother and less dry. Those with already oily skin and spots may want to look for oil-free moisturizers.

Stay hydrated

Drinking lots of water can help blood flow to the skin. This can help nutrients reach the surface and it can make skin look rosier.

Aim to drink eight 8-ounce cups of water per day. This should start to make your skin look more radiant after only a week.

Start eating healthily

It could also be worth upping your intake of nutrient-rich foods while cutting out a few unhealthy foods.

Fish, avocado, broccoli, and walnuts are all foods that are loaded with vitamins that are essential for skin health. Consider incorporating these foods into your diet for the next week.

As for unhealthy foods to cut out, reduce your sugar intake. Consuming large amounts of sugar can lead to inflammation around the body – which could include breakouts of eczema and acne. By reducing your soft drinks and sweet snacks, you could find that such inflammation subsides.

Try a herbal cleanse

You may be able to give your skin a more effective boost of nutrients by considering an intensive cleansing product.

Detoxify Instant Clean is one such product that could be worth trying. Such products can help to quickly reduce toxins while pumping the skin with all the natural ingredients that it needs.

Try an overnight mask

Overnight skin masks can help to enrich the skin by applying nutrients directly to the surface. This could help to speed up your skin’s rejuvenation.

Sites like Good Housekeeping compare the best skin masks on the market.

Take time to distress

Finally, if you want to improve your skin in a week, you should aim to reduce stress. When we are stressed we release a hormone called cortisol, which can make inflammation worse.

By taking time to distress at the end of each day, you may be able to reduce your cortisol levels and reduce inflammation. Stress-busting activities could include exercising, laughing, listening to music, meditating, or taking a bath.

Softer Ways to Exfoliate Your Skin importance of exfoliating our skin

Most of us know the importance of exfoliating our skin. It can help us look and feel better because it clears the layer of dead cells that sits on our skin. It’s a great way to refresh your appearance and also get rid of potential skin problems. However, it’s important to alter how rough you treat your skin to ensure that you’re not scrubbing away fresh skin as well. This could leave your face looking red and even bleeding in some cases if you do it too often.


There are lots of harsh products and methods to exfoliate your skin, so in this article, we’ll be offering suggestions on how to softly exfoliate your skin so that you don’t end up ruining your complexion.

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Face and body peels contain acids that help to leave your skin feeling supple while simultaneously gently exfoliating your skin without harsh chemicals. It also works wonders for acne and ingrown hairs by actually clearing out clogged pores instead of just getting rid of dead skin. Peels can be a little more expensive than other exfoliates, but they’re incredibly effective and can often last a long time.


Skincare Brush


A skincare brush usually consists of a round brush on a device that slowly spins it around. These brushes often have a gentle setting that helps to clear dead skin without being too harsh on your skin, and they can be adjusted to cleanse different areas such as your elbows or knees that often have tougher skin. Many of these cleansing brushes even have timers that make it possible to set your timed routine, making it simple for you to exfoliate perfectly every time.




There are serums made from mandelic acid and similar ingredients that aim to gently exfoliate your skin while also helping to treat several skin conditions. For instance, mandelic acid penetrates the skin at a much slower rate, making it gentle and unlikely to irritate compared to alpha hydroxy acids, a common ingredient in many harsh skin cleansers. This means it can be used for many different skin types to deal with skin conditions such as acne, hyperpigmentation, and even wrinkles. It’s a far gentler way to exfoliate your skin and comes with some excellent benefits that can’t be understated.


Washcloth and Soap


If you want a simple way to exfoliate gently without any special tools, then a washcloth is a fantastic way to do so. A gentle bar of soap is also fine to pair with a washcloth if you want to exfoliate your skin gently. Simply apply a bit of the soap to a damp washcloth then apply it to your skin and work in circular motions all over your face. You can try lots of different types of soap, but we suggest trying different types to see what works best for you. You want to avoid anything that has a strong fragrance as it could irritate your skin.

How To Find Your Blogging Niche

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Blogging is a great hobby for some people, offering a creative outlet that they can enjoy alongside their regular jobs or life. For others, blogging offers a chance for a side income. With numerous ways of monetizing your content, there is money to be made if you are savvy and willing to put in the hard work. Then, for many people, blogging can become a full-time career, with some influential blogs earning their creators considerable sums of money. 


If you have ever thought of becoming a blogger, then there are a few things that you should think of before you start your blog. Firstly, you need to decide what you want out of the blog. Is it a fun place for you to share your thoughts on any topic that you like, or do you fancy it as a potential avenue for making money? 


If you are after making money from it, then you will need a niche. Having a subject, or a set of subjects that you can focus your attention on will help you to build up a readership that is interested in that particular topic. Here are some considerations for some of the various blogging niches that you may want to explore. 




When it comes to running a cookery blog, you’ll be providing great recipes that people can easily make themselves such as this one for homemade whipped cream. One of the challenges for a cookery blogger is to get across the essence of the thing that they are making without you being able to taste it. The other thing that you need to think about is making it interesting, and providing some kind of additional background to the product so that it is not just a description of how it is made. 


Fashion And Beauty 


Fashion and beauty blogs are some of the most popular out there. While there is a considerable amount of competition, there are also plenty of readers who are interested in the opinions and advice of people who they admire. Generally, the way to create a successful fashion and beauty blog is around yourself. That means modeling items and delivering makeup tutorials. You’ll need to get good-quality photos of yourself made up whenever you are running a new feature. It’s perfectly acceptable to talk about yourself in a fashion and beauty blog, and your readers will want to know more about you as a person, so feel free to add a bit about yourself to each post. 


Business And Finance


A very popular area in that many bloggers find success is writing business blogs. If you have some experience in running or managing a business, then you may be able to provide the type of insight that readers may be looking for. You must research any areas that you are not familiar with, as when it comes to creating advice content based around business, you don’t want to mislead anyone with any misinformation.

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