The Health Benefits Of Getting A Dog

They say that a dog is man’s best friend, but did you know that they could be your health’s best friend too? Dogs can bring a lot of joy into our lives, and whether you already have one or thinking of getting one, it’s fascinating to see the impact they can have.

Image: Kaboom Pics


Discover all the ways that you can get help from your four-legged friend by reading the health benefits of getting a dog.

They can reduce your stress levels

Many studies have shown that dogs can reduce stress levels, reducing blood pressure as well as the body’s production of cortisol. They’ve even been credited with helping people to survive longer after a heart attack, which could be as a result of reduced stress.

Keeping them healthy keeps you healthy too

Dogs require a lot of exercises to stay fit, and by taking them for regular walks you’ll ensure they maintain a healthy weight and get plenty of time to stretch their legs. Walking can also benefit your own health and can be done at any fitness level to help you improve your cardiovascular health. If you’re recovering from an injury or illness, walking can be a simple way to build your strength and fitness up, and walking the dog can be a good incentive to get moving. In addition to going for walks, there are other ways you can work out with your dog to keep you both fit and healthy.

It can help with loneliness

If you feel lonely at home now that your kids have moved out or perhaps you’ve retired, a dog can make a great companion. While you might think you can’t afford a dog on your own, there are some great schemes out there to help dog owners afford medical bills and so on. The Emotional Support Animal Letter experts can help you with vets fees if needed if you suffer from an emotional or mental disability. Dogs also help you to socialize more as you encounter other dog walkers or people who want to stop to greet your dog.

They can help your routine

Post-retirement, it can be hard to build a structure to your day. Dogs can drastically change that – giving you more of a purpose and a reason to get up and out of the house. Dogs have basic needs that need to be met, which can’t be ignored because you’re not feeling up to it. Even if you find it hard to stick to your routine, your dog will soon start keeping you on track!

They can help aid with depression

They say that positivity breeds positivity, and that can certainly be the case with owning a dog. Dogs are generally happy to creatures to be around, which can improve your own mood – especially when you walk through the door and have them greet you. Having some company and someone to cheer you up each day will help with your mood, even on some of your darker days. Some breeds of dogs are better at helping with depression than others, so why not consider getting a labrador or a poodle to keep you company?

They can provide assistance

If you have a disability such as blindness or you’re hard of hearing, a dog can drastically help. Service dogs have many benefits for those with different health conditions, including dementia, autism, and anxiety. Helper dogs are able to assist with basic tasks around the house and can alert others to a fall or other problem. Many people can feel scared on their own, especially when facing health problems, which is why having a service dog at home can help you feel at ease and able to live more independently.

They can bring families closer together

Bringing a dog into your home is a great way to help the family bond. While there are different things to consider when getting a dog, there’s no doubt that your new addition will bring happiness and excitement. When you get a dog, everyone can share the responsibility for taking care of them and they’ll soon become a part of the family. While they might frustrate you from time to time with their antics, things certainly won’t be dull with a dog around the house!


Getting a dog can bring a lot of love and happiness in your life, and the health benefits are just a bonus. Make sure you’re fully prepared for the responsibility of owning a dog before you commit so that you can give them a warm and loving home.